Which Leash Is The Right One For Your Dog?

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Hey Mighty Paw fam, Barbara here!

If you've ever wondered which leash is the right one for your dog, you'll find some answers today.

That's because I'm going to dive into the different types, styles, and materials of dog leashes we carry here at Mighty Paw.

Why Do We Need Different Types Of Dog Leashes?

But first things first, why do we need and therefore carry that many different leashes?

Well, it's because each one serves a particular purpose and is made for a specific activity and type of dog.

For example, some dogs do well with a standard 6 ft leather leash while others would chew the same leash up in a heartbeat.

Similarly, some pups can be walked on a retractable leash while others require the built-in control of a dual handle. You get the idea!

Which Leash Is The Right One For Your Dog?

Standard 6' Dog Leashes

Let's start with our standard 6 ft dog leads.

This length is frequently recommended by dog trainers. Most dogs do great with it because it allows for a little freedom, but at the same time it's easy for you to reel your pup back in when needed.

That said, our standard 6 ft leashes are available in:

It essentially comes down to your personal preference and your dog's behavior as far as which material works best for you. 

Dogs who pull quite a bit will be better off with our leather, rope and bungee leashes because they've been tested to withstand 850+ pounds of force.

Regardless of the material, they were all designed with your comfort in mind and feature a padded handle which makes walks and hikes super easy and comfy on your hands.      

Mighty Paw 6' Leather Dog Leash

Mighty Paw 6' Braided Leather Deluxe Dog Leash


Mighty Paw 6' Rope Dog Leash         

Mighty Paw 6' Waterproof Dog Leash                                                       

Dog Training Leashes

Let's move on to our dog training leads.

They're designed to support your dog training efforts like polite leash walking without biting the leash, but also to help you regain control of your distracted pup who's lunging and pulling:

Slip rope leashes work great to discourage pulling, and to easily leash dogs who might be anxious or put up a fight. That's because they don't require clipping the leash to a collar or harness and have an adjustable neck loop that works for dogs of all sizes. They're the kind of leash that's frequently used in shelters because it can easily be slipped over a dog's head!

Walking a strong Mastiff Dog with Mighty Paw's Slip Rope Leash

Our dual handle dog leashes come with two handles, both of which are padded for ultimate comfort. There's one handle on each end of the leash, and the one closest to your dog's head is also known as a traffic handle. That's because it helps keep your dog right next to you in high traffic situations like a busy park or a narrow hiking trail.

Mighty Paw Dual Handle Bungee Dog Leash

Mighty Paw's short traffic handle leash tabs work similarly to the dual handle leashes, except that they don't come with a regular leash. They're essentially just one handle. Perfect for urban walks, vet, expo, or home improvement store visits. They're also super helpful when you're teaching your pup polite manners at the front door (no jumping on guests!).

Mighty Paw Short Traffic Dog Leash Tab

The chew-proof cable leash is made with a steel-braided cable so that even heavy chewers and teething puppies can't break through it. Best of all, it's the type of material that dogs aren't even interested in chewing up.

 Mighty Paw Chew Proof Leash

The chew-proof chain dog leash is made with stainless steel links and is available as a 4' leash or as a 6' leash. Similar to the cable leash, it discourages dogs from chewing their leash because the material is much less "tempting" than nylon, leather or even rope. 

Mighty Paw Chain Dog Leash

Our long dog leash is available in 15 and 30 ft, and is great for recall training in a controlled environment that still gives your dog a decent amount of freedom. It can also easily be attached to a tree or pole because the handle includes a buckle that opens. 

Mighty Paw Long Dog Leash

The 30 ft check cord is perfect for off-leash training sessions and doesn't come with a handle. You simply let your dog drag the leash behind them. That way you can easily remind your pup to listen. Just grab the leash and reel them back in! It's also great for training recall sessions inside.

Mighty Paw Dog Check Cord

Dog Leashes For Active Dog Owners

Next, let's talk about our dog leads for active dog owners.

They're designed to provide you with the ultimate experience when you're running, jogging, hiking, or walking multiple dogs at once:

Our hands-free bungee leash 2.0 consists of an adjustable belt and a bungee leash that connects your dog to your belt. Perfect anytime you want a hands-free experience with your pup. The bungee provides enough "give" to absorb the force of your excited pup. But no worries, the leash features 2 padded handles on each end of the leash. That way, you can quickly regain control over your dog as needed. Bonus: The leash also works as a stand alone leash!

The double bungee dog leash consists of a leash with two bungee attachments that's designed to walk two dogs at once on one leash. It comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate dogs of of all sizes.

 Mighty Paw Double Bungee Dog Leash

Our double dog leash with rope handle features a rope leash with a padded handle for ultimate comfort. The rope leash clips to 2 attachments that's designed to walk 2 dogs together.

 Mighty Paw Double Dog Leash with Rope Handle

The adjustable-length double dog leash is also made to walk two dogs together. The leash as well as the attachment part are made of nylon and adjusts quickly from 16-24 inches.

Mighty Paw Adjustble Double Dog Leash

Long & Extra Long Dog Leashes

Last but not least, let's talk about our long & extra long dog leads.

They're designed for ultimate freedom and can also be used for training sessions:

The tie-out cable leash is 30 ft long, chew-proof, and gives your dog freedom and an off-leash feel. It's perfect to use when you're camping with your pup or need to secure him in your non-fenced in yard.

Mighty Paw Tie Out Dog Leash

Our 30 ft check cord is mainly used for off-leash training purposes, but it can also be used for agility and hunting. Bonus: It floats!

 The Mighty Paw 30' Check Cord floats


I already talked about Mighty Paw's long dog leash in the training section, but you can also simply use it to attach your pup to a tree or a pole when you want him close by but can't actively hold him. I personally use it to attach my pup Wally to a tree when he "helps" me do yard work in my front-yard that's not fenced in. 

Mighty Paw Long Dog Leash

Our heavy duty retractable dog leash 2.0 extends to 16 ft and features a one touch quick-lock breaking system. This type of leash is perfect for dogs who already have polite leash walking skills and don't pull or lunge. It's also a good tool for recall training.

 Mighty Paw 16' Retractable Dog Leash 2.0

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Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder, former dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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