4 Benefits Of The Two-Handle Dog Leash

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Barbara here again! Today I'm going to talk to you about one of my favorite tools - the two handle dog leash! It's perfect for switching between several feet of leash freedom and instant control right next to you.

4 Benefits Of The Mighty Paw Two-Handle Dog Leash

How to use a two handle dog leash

Its concept is pretty straight forward. Like the name implies, the leash features two handles, one on each end of the leash. Use the regular handle on normal walks, and the second "traffic" handle for moments when you need your dog on a short leash right by your side. 

It's convenient because you no longer have to grab your dog's collar or wrap the leash around your wrist multiple times in order to keep your pup close to you. 


4 Benefits of a dual handle dog leash

1. Great for reactive dogs

You have a much easier time controlling your reactive dog with a dual handle dog leash than with a standard leash. That's because you can grab the traffic handle next to your dog's head when he starts to react to his trigger(s). Now you're in control and can keep him from lunging and acting up.

This type of leash works particularly well in situations where you can't avoid oncoming traffic with your reactive pup. For example, on narrow hiking paths and sidewalks, when crossing busy streets, or when you're in stairwells and elevators.

Tip: The dual handle leash works even better for reactive dogs when you combine it with a training collar like a martingale collar or a slip collar

Mighty Paw Martingale Cinch Collar             

2. Great for dogs with a strong prey drive

The dual handle leash also works really well for dogs with a strong prey drive like my pup Wally. He's a 40 lb Feist mix who comes with squirrel hunting genes, and boy do those genes kick in whenever he sees ANY small critter! Squirrels, bunnies, cats, you name it, he wants to chase them all.

When I walk him on a dual handle leash, it's very easy for me to keep him from acting up when he sees one. I simply grab the traffic handle and walk Wally right past the distracting critter.

Feist mix Wally walking on Mighty Paw's Dual Handle Tactical Dog Leash

3. Works well in high traffic areas

You can also use a dual handle dog leash to easily navigate your pup through high traffic areas.

For example, at your vet's, a busy urban park, a pet store, or pet-friendly locations like breweries, wineries, restaurants, and coffee shops.

4. Great for training polite leash skills

The two handle leash is also a great tool for practicing polite leash walking with your pup. You can gently remind him to walk next to you rather than ahead of you by reeling him back in on the traffic handle.

Tip: Don't forget to reward good behavior with high-value training treats! Our Mighty Paw Treat Pouch makes access to them super quick and easy on your training walks.

Any cons?

Dual handle dog leashes are highly practical because of the integrated traffic handle, but they're not a good fit for small and tiny pups unless a child were to walk them. That's because a fully grown adult will have trouble reaching the traffic handle on a small dog.

Walk your pup on Mighty Paw's Dual Handle Dog Leash

You guessed it...of course we carry dual handle dog leashes! But not just one, we actually have three different kinds!

Mighty Paw Carries 3 Types of Dual Handle Dog Leashes

Features of our two handle dog leashes

Our 3 dual handle dog leashes all have the following features:

  • Neoprene-padded, soft handles in both positions
  • Premium quality, weatherproof nylon
  • Lightweight, yet durable material
  • Reflective stitching
  • Durable hardware

The HandleX2 Dual Handle Dog Leash as well as the HandleX2 Dual Handle Dog Leash 2.0 are both 6 foot leashes.

Additionally, the HandleX2 Dual Handle Dog Leash 2.0 has a rock climber aviation aluminum carabiner that holds 850+ lbs of maximum force.

Last but not least, the Dual Handle Bungee Leash is a 4 ft leash with a bungee feature that reduces unneeded stress to the wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck.

So what do you think, is a dual handle dog leash a good fit for you and your pup? If it is, order one and have fun with it!

Mighty Paw Dual Handle Leash

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder and dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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