Frequently Asked Questions



Which Harness Is The Right One For My Dog?

You can choose between three harnesses here at Mighty Paw:

  1. Vehicle Safety Harness
  2. Dog Sport Harness
  3. Dog Sport Harness 2.0

The Vehicle Safety Harness is mainly designed for car rides, but it can also be used for walks and runs. 

The Dog Sport Harnesses are made for walking, hiking, and running.

The main difference between the two Dog Sport Harnesses is their respective neck piece. That part is only adjustable on the Dog Sport Harness 2.0, but not on the regular Dog Sport Harness.

How To Measure Your Dog For Our Dog Sport Harness, Dog Sport Harness 2.0, & The Vehicle Safety Harness

The sizing for our harnesses is unique and we want to make sure you get the perfect fit. That's why it's important to measure your dog before purchasing!

The best way to size your dog is with a soft measuring tape.

Have your dog stand and measure carefully:

1) around your dog's neck

2) around your dog's chest at the widest point under the armpit

Choose the harness size accordingly.

Dog Sport Harness Sizes:

  • X-Small: Neck: 12.5 in, Chest: 17-19.5 in
  • Small: Neck 15 in, Chest 19-22.5 in
  • Medium: Neck 18.5 in, Chest 23-28 in
  • Large: Neck 21 in, Chest 28-38 in
  • X-Large: Neck 24 in, Chest 36-50 in


Mighty Paw Dog Sport Harness Sizing

Dog Sport Harness 2.0 Sizes:

  • Small: Neck 11.5-17.5 in, Chest 16.5-22 in
  • Medium: Neck 15-22 in, Chest 20.5-25.5 in
  • Large: Neck 16.5-24.5 in, Chest 24.5-31.5 in
  • X-Large: Neck 21.5-33.5 in, Chest 27.5-36 in


Dog Vehicle Safety Harness Sizes:

  • Small: Neck 11-17.5 in, Chest 17.5-24.5 in
  • Medium: Neck 15-23.5 in, Chest 21.5-31 in
  • Large: Neck 17-26 in, Chest 24-35 in
  • X-Large: Neck 22-33 in, Chest 28-43 in


If your dog is in-between sizes, please choose the larger size!

Smart Bell

1. Why did my Smart Bell suddenly stop working? / How do I re-sync my Smart Bell?

Answer: Sometimes your Smart Bell might need to be re-synced. It doesn’t happen often, but if you notice it stop working suddenly, follow these simple steps and get your dog back to ringing the bell in no time.

How to Re-sync Your Smart Bell
1. With the receiver plugged in, hold the "Volume Adjustment" button for 3 seconds. The LED light will flash blue.
2. Go to the activator and push it to re-sync.
3. Test to make sure sync is complete and the sound is activated.

If you follow this process and are still having issues, you can reach out to us at

2. Why doesn’t my dog “get it”? Are there any training tips that make it easier?

Answer: It can take some dogs a little longer to learn how to use their Smart Bell but no worries! Here are some tips that might make training go smoother for you and your pup!

1. Sometimes it takes a little time for the training behavior to connect. In the end time, consistency and praise are the key to learning a new behavior for our dogs. In saying that - sometimes our dogs need a little more incentive. :) Usually the hick-up is that the dogs don't understand how to engage with the bell. (It's different for them to actively hit the bell versus you hitting the bell for them).

2. What we recommend trying next to get the dog to engage with the bell, is to put a dab of peanut butter on the bell for the dog to lick (for smaller dogs, place the peanut butter near the edge of the bell, it’s easier to activate here). This will encourage the dog to interact with the bell. Once they go after the treat and the jingle sound is made make sure you praise your dog and let them know what a good pup they are!

3. This will connect the jingle of the bell as a positive thing (this can be repeated over 3-5 days). Often this is all it takes for the dog to connect with the bell and be more "open" to start the bell training for potty time.

3. My dog doesn't seem to be strong enough to press the button, what do I do?

Answer: Sometimes smaller dogs might have trouble triggering the activator, not necessarily because of their strength but because they do not know how hard they need to hit it. We recommend if you're using peanut butter for your training, try placing it on the edge of the bell. This will make it easier for your dog to push! Eventually they will set off the bell by accident and when this happens make a huge deal about it! Let your pup know they did something really good. This will get them more comfortable interacting with the bell and make training much easier.

4. Can I order an additional activator or receiver without buying a whole new unit?

Answer: You bet! You can purchase add on activators and receivers on our online store here.



1. How does the Smart Bell work if there’s no battery?

Answer: Its magic! Sort of… Our activators are all equipped with micro generators that produce just enough power to send a signal to the receiver when the button is pushed. This eliminates the need for changing batteries and it’s more efficient! We know it kinda sounds like Star Trek, but except with dogs instead of Klingons.

2. How far apart will the activators and receivers communicate?

Answer: Our activators have a range of 1000 feet and should communicate well with receivers as long as there isn’t too much interference.

3. How many tones and volume levels are there?

Answer: Our Smart Bells come with 38 different tones and 4 different volume levels.

4. Can I put an activator outside in the cold?

Answer: Unless you live in an igloo, our Smart Bell should work pretty well outside during the winter months. It has an operating temperature of -20℃ to ~60℃ and is water resistant as well!

1. How old does a puppy have to be to start using the Smart Bell?

Answer: We know your puppy is a genius, but one of the most common mistakes we see is people expect too much from a puppy too quickly. We recommend you start using the Smart Bell after your puppy already has a basic understanding that she should go potty outside. Generally that might be around 4 or 5 months old, but every puppy is different.
Once your puppy is no longer having “accidents,” it’s fair to start teaching her to “ask” to go outside using the bell. Remember, she is still a puppy, so be patient!

2. My dog just rings the bell for attention, what should I do?

Answer: When your dog is first learning to use the Smart Bell, he will probably figure out he can push it just to get a treat. It’s OK to reward him for that at first, but after a few days you can just ignore him if you know he doesn’t have to go potty. Use your best judgement. Eventually he will learn to use the bell only when he has to go outside.

3. Can I use the Smart Bell outside?

Answer: Yes. The Smart Bell is weatherproof and waterproof. Some people prefer to install the Smart Bell outside so their dog has a way to ask to come back indoors.

4. My dog seems to be afraid of the bell, what can I do?

Answer: The volume on the Smart Bell can seem very loud at first and startle some dogs. We recommend you put the volume on a much lower setting. Or, you can even unplug the “receiver” piece so there is no sound at all. Simply, reward your dog for sniffing or bumping the bell. After a few positive training sessions, slowly introduce the sound again on the lowest volume or by placing it further away.

5. Can I use the Smart Bell in an apartment?

Answer: Yes, you can use a Smart Bell in an apartment if your puppy or dog is already potty trained. Sometimes it takes longer for the dog to make the connection because you have to walk further to get to the potty area. We recommend you take the same route every time and head to the same potty spot every time. Dogs will quickly make the connection between ringing the bell and opening the door and soon they’ll make the connection with asking to go potty.

6. Can the activator be put on the floor for my dog to step on?

Answer: Yes. Some dog owners prefer to install the activator on the floor, and that is just fine. Most dogs seem to have an easier time activating the button by bumping it with their nose, but some prefer to tap it with a paw or step on it. Either way works!



1. Where can I get more adhesive stickers for my activator?

Answer: You can use any type of command strip to mount your Smart Bell, but if you would like additional round 3m stickers like the ones that come with the unit, just let us know at

2. My Smart Bell comes with screws, but I am not sure how to install it?

Answer: No worries fam! You can find the instructions here!

3. I want to move my activator but it’s really hard to get off the wall. What’s the trick?

Answer: We designed our bell to stay securely on the wall even with constant abuse from your pup, which can make it hard to remove. But don’t worry, we have some tricks. We recommend using a hair dryer to heat and loosen the adhesive and then a putty knife (or something similar) or gentry pry it away from the wall.

4. I am worried that the adhesive will damage my wall. Is there a solution to this?

Answer: For delicate walls and surfaces, we recommend using 3m Command strips. These are designed to be strong and easily pull out from behind the unit if you need to remove it.