5 Reasons to Use a Dog Seat Belt

Hey Mighty Paw fam, Barbara here to bring you some dog seat belt advice from our founder Corey and his pup Barley!

Because...we've all been there ...

It's raining (or snowing), traffic is terrible and you're just trying to get home before it turns icy. 

Both hands on the wheel, you're leaned forward, staring straight ahead and ...

"Pant! Pant!" Remy's in the back darting from window to window. He's WILD-EYED, whining and yipping in your ear.

"Go faster!" he seems to say.

5 reasons to use a dog seat belt

You're just trying to keep it together as your dog is now climbing into the front seat next to you.

"No, Remy!" you say, holding out one arm to block your dog, your other hand still on the wheel.

A car suddenly cuts lanes right in front of you. (No signal, of course.) You hit the brakes and Remy stumbles forward.

Thank goodness it's not icy ... yet, and that you're paying attention, distractions and all.

Remy's still jumping from seat to seat, tongue flying. "Oh this is so much fun!" he seems to say.

... sigh ... just a few more miles and you're home.

Do you see how dogs can be a dangerous distraction in the car?!

This is why I keep my dog Barley buckled in while he travels. It's just not worth it to have him bounding around the car when he gets excited.

In fact, one of the most common concerns we hear from our customers is "How can I get my dog to remain calm in the car?!" Or, "How can I teach my dog to remain in the back seat?"

The best solution we have for this is to use a dog safety belt.

it's safest to use a dog seat belt in combination with a dog car harness


Reasons to use a dog seat belt:

A dog safety belt keeps you and your dog safe. Here are some examples:

1. Prevents your dog from distracting the driver. A safety belt keeps your dog to one area of the vehicle so he's not climbing from seat to seat or bumping into you.

2. Keeps your dog buckled in case of a crash. Our safety belt has 875 lbs pull force and connects to the same latch bar used for child car seats.

3. Keeps your dog CALMER. When the dog is not allowed to bounce from window to window and seat to seat, he learns to RELAX.

dog seat belt

4. Prevents damage to your vehicle. Stops your dog from climbing on the center counsel and scratching up the front seats. Also keeps dirt and hair to one area.

5. More convenient than a dog crate. Takes up less space. It's easy to use. Just clip to your dog's harness.

Note that some states such as Minnesota legally require all dogs to be restrained in vehicles for safety reasons.

Features of our Mighty Paw Safety Belt:

  • Attaches to the latch bar like a child's car seat
  • Dog can't accidentally release the safety belt
  • Tangle free swivel leash attachment
  • All metal hardware & 750 kg pull force
  • Belt length adjusts from 16" to 26"
  • Choose from black or grey
  • Compatible with most harnesses. Get our harness here.

5 Reasons to Use a Dog Safety Belt

Since we're now in the busy travel month, we hope our products help you and your dog get out there for more adventures!


CJ + Barley

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