This Lint Roller for Dog Hair Doubles As A Grooming Tool!

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Hey Mighty Paw fam, Barbara here to introduce you to our newest out-of-the-box dog grooming tool - our lint roller aka Mighty Paw Pet Hair Roller!

We designed it so you can be prepared if things get hairy, pun intended. But all jokes aside, as dog lovers, we all understand and accept the fact that pet hair on clothes comes with the joys of dog ownership.

Not to forget about the pet hair on your couch, your bed, the car...and even on your curtains, lamp shades, purses, keyboards and chairs!

Mighty Paw Pet Hair Roller for dogs

While that's all fair and square, there are obviously moments when pet hair is uncalled for - especially now that COVID-related restrictions have mostly been lifted across the country.

You know, when you're getting ready for that job interview, wanting to look your best on date night, having friends and in-laws come over to may want to rethink having pet hair all over the place!

Mighty Paw's Pet Hair Roller is great to remove pet hair from clothes

Thankfully, we can now offer you a mighty sticky pet hair roller solution to remove hair and lint from clothing, as well as from:

  • pillows, sheets & blankets
  • carpets & rugs
  • car seats
  • furniture

Ready to learn more and watch our (really cute!) video on how do you use our pet hair remover roller? Then keep scrolling! 

This Lint Roller for Dog Hair Doubles As A Grooming Tool

This Lint Roller for Dog Hair Doubles As A Grooming Tool

How to Use A Pet Hair Remover Roller

So first things first, how do you actually use a pet hair roller?

Well, the concept is simple enough: Since it rolls, all you have to do is move it back and forth along the hairy surface.

That's truly the easiest way to remove pet hair from all sorts of surfaces...and yep, that includes your dog's entire body if they don't mind!

Tip: If your pup's a little unsure of having the pet hair roller touch their body, introduce it in combination with tasty treats and/or a favorite toy. That helps them associate something positive (the reward) with the new experience. 

Good to know: Our Lint Roller for pet hair is made with BPA-free polypropylene ergonomic plastic handles. That means they’re free of harmful toxins and completely safe and comfortable to hold and use on your furry sidekicks.

As you can see in the video below, they easily roll across any surface, including your dog's head and back.

Spiral Sheets For No Fuss Sheet Removal

We designed our lint rollers with extra sticky spiral sheets that are easy to remove.

Many other brands like to use square sheets, but honestly, those are way too tricky to remove and tend to rip into the fresh sheet you're trying to use.

So when your sheet has reached its capacity and you want to reveal a fresh one, simply locate its top corner and gently peel it back.

Once you’ve used the last sheet on a roll, pull the roll off the handle and replace it with a fresh roll. 

It's super easy to replace the Mighty Paw Pet Hair Rolls

2 Ergonomic Handles

If you've used any of our brushes, rakes and (nail) clippers in our pet grooming collection, you know that we're big believers in ergonomic comfort handles.

That's why we didn't think twice to include them in our new design. They make the pet hair roller super comfortable to use - even in hard-to-reach spaces!

The convenient handle grip hole design also means it's easy to hang on the wall and out of reach of your nosy pup. For example, in your mudroom, laundry room, hallway closet or the garage.

450 Extra Sticky Sheets

Our pet hair roller comes with 2 handles and 5 extra sticky refills that feature 90 spiral sheets each.

That means you can keep one roller at home and one in your car or your office. You also won’t run out of sticky sheets anytime soon!

Use The Lint Roller On Anything

Our fur remover picks up pet hair, lint and dust thanks to its 360° extra sticky reach.

Since it easily rolls across any surface, you can use it at home, in the office and on the road for your:

  • clothing
  • beds
  • couches
  • chairs
  • curtains
  • carpets
  • rugs
  • keyboards
  • car seats


Use the Mighty Paw Pet Hair Roller on your pillows and upholstered furniture

The Mighty Paw Pet Hair Roller also picks up lint and dust from keyboards

Remove pet hair from car seats with the Mighty Paw Pet Hair Remover Roller

Recap Mighty Paw Pet Hair Roller

So if you're wondering what picks up pet hair the best, the Mighty Paw extra sticky dog hair roller is the answer!

It doesn't just remove hair and lint from clothing, it's also a great pet hair remover roller for clothes, (upholstered) furniture and your car.

Bonus: It doubles as a mighty dog grooming tool.


  • Removes pet hair, fur, lint and dust
  • Works on furniture, clothing and car seats
  • Easy to peel back and refill
  • Extra sticky
  • Long usage
  • Comfortable grip
  • Free of harmful toxins
  • Safe material
  • Easy to hang 


  • 2 ergonomic handles
  • 5 extra sticky refills
  • 90 easy peel spiral sheets per refill (450 sheets total) 
  • 360° spin
  • BPA-free polypropylene plastic
  • Handle grip hole design 

Tip: Use our pet hair roller in conjunction with our dog grooming rake if your pup has a thick coat.

The Mighty Paw pet hair roller and the Mighty Paw dog grooming rake work great together

Did you know? We’re offering free U.S. shipping on ALL orders!

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Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder, former dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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