Perfect for Powerful Dogs: Mighty Paw's Tactical Collars & Leashes

Hey Mighty Paw fam, Barbara here to introduce you to our powerful Mighty Paw Tactical Collars & Leashes! 

Both are made with heavy-duty materials that you can trust your pup on all sorts of adventures with.

Mighty Paw Tactical Collar and Dual Handle Tactical Bungee Leash

I'm talking everyday walks and hikes, rough and tough playtime as well as gun dog, agility and obedience training sessions. 

Mighty Paw Tactical Dog Collar in action

They're also a really good option for reactive dogs too since you can easily control your pup with the extra handles - both on the collar AND on the leash!

Perfect for Powerful Dogs: Mighty Paw's Tactical Collars & Leashes

Mighty Paw Tactical Collar & Leash On German Shepherd

Our Mighty Paw Tactical Collars and Leashes are great for dogs who:

  • Pull
  • Jump
  • Have a strong prey drive
  • Take their collars off easily
  • Are overly enthusiastic in general

Let's take a closer look!

Mighty Paw Tactical Collars

Since our Tactical Collars are made for powerful pups, they're available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large.

Features & Benefits:

  • Built-in control handle
  • Offers extra control when needed
  • Heavy-duty metal hardware
  • Metal buckle withstands 850+ lbs of force
  • Premium polyester webbing
  • Weather-resistant and easy to clean
  • Metal D-ring for tags and leash
  • Great for K9 training in any climate
  • Perfect for medium to extra large dogs
  • Tactical colors and design (tan and black)

Mighty Paw Tactical Dog Collar in Tan

Mighty Paw Tactical Dog Collar in Black with Extra Strong Metal Hardware

Mighty Paw Tactical Collar for Dogs in Black

Mighty Paw Tactical Dual Handle Bungee Leash



Features & Benefits:

  • Bungee feature
  • Unique blend of strength and flexibility
  • Reduces unneeded stress to the wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck
  • Premium quality, weatherproof nylon
  • Durable hardware
  • Two padded handles
  • Reflective stitching along the entire length of the leash
  • Length: 46" (68" Extended)
  • Width: 25 mm (1")
  • Thickness: 2 mm

I personally LOVE the convenience of the built-in traffic handle! It allows me to keep my pup right next to me when we're passing other people and/or dogs, and when I need him to NOT give in to his prey drive and chase ALL the squirrels and cats we see on our adventures!

Mighty Paw Tactical Dog Collar and Leash

Mix & Match

Of course you can get your hands on each product individually too and mix and match with any of our other dog gear.

For example, the Tie-Out Cable Leash:

Mighty Paw Tactical Collar in Black and Tie-Out Cable Leash

...the distressed leather dog collar (on the left below):

Mighty Paw Dual Handle Tactical Bungee Leashes

...the Sport Dog Harness 2.0:

Mighty Paw Sport Harness 2.0 and Dual Handle Tactical Bungee Leash

Any Cons? 

The smallest neck circumference for our tactical collars is 14", so this type of collar is not a good fit for smaller dogs.

The same goes for our tactical dual-handle bungee leashes because the second traffic handle will be sitting right next to your dog's head. On a small dog, that would make it difficult and/or uncomfortable for a regular-sized adult to hold that handle.



Since the built-in handle on the tactical collar could potentially get caught on something, I recommend to take it off your pup when you're not actively supervising and present!

Are you & your pup(s) ready for our Mighty Paw Tactical Collars & Leashes? Then click below:

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder, former dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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