Thank you for purchasing the Mighty Paw Smartbell 2.0

Here you'll find some setup instructions and additional training information to get you up and running in no time!

Setup Instructions

**Note: This is a self-powered doorbell. There is no battery in the activator (1).

1. Test the doorbell by plugging the receiver (2) into the wall and pressing the activator (1). ** Note: If your dog is sensitive to sound, do not test with the receiver close to him or her.

2. Apply the included double-sided adhesive to the back surface of the activator (1).

3. Select the desired location for the activator (near or on the door where your dog exits to go potty). We recommend a height of 20 inches but higher or lower is ok based on the height of your dog.

4. Clean the selected surface and paste the activator in place. ** Note: If you wish to mount directly to dry wall the included adhesive may cause damage to the surface. Wood or glass surface is preferable. If mounting to dry wall use 3M command strips.

5. Plug the doorbell receiver into the wall outlet.

6. Select your melody (38 tone options) by pressing the bottom button (5) on the receiver (2).

7. Select your volume level by pressing the top button (4) on the receiver (4 volume level options)


Sync Instructions

If you'd like a copy of this you can download and print out enter your email in the form below.

1. With the receiver plugged in press and hold the volume change button (the top button) for 5 seconds

2. The LED will flash blue - This is now in "sync" mode

3. Press the activator

4. Repeat for multiple activators and/or receivers


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Smart Bell Add-ons

Did you know that you can add additional activators and receivers to each other? 

Add-on Activator - You can sync additional activators to your receiver. Now you can cover both the inside/outside of multiple doors you can find that here.


Add-on Receiver - You can also sync additional receivers to more than one activator. This is a perfect solution if you have a large home or office and might not hear the activator in one single location. You can find that add-on receiver here.