What Are the Benefits of Yak Chews for Dogs?

Your dog's hardwired love and need for chewing is more than enough reason to feel great about giving your pup yak cheese dog chews.

But even better, yak cheese dog chews also happen to be jam-packed with healthful nutrients from natural ingredients.

Black dog chews on Mighty Paw Yak Chew.

Any dog parent knows the joy that comes with giving a treat your pup loves. But beyond the wags and excited jumps, some treats like yak chews for dogs are more than just a momentary delight— they're significant boosters of your dog's overall well-being. A win all around!

Here at Mighty Paw, we're big believers in really knowing what goes into our dogs' mouths and bodies. Let's take a closer look at yak cheese dog chews, what they are, and why they might just be the perfect dog chew for your pup.

What exactly are yak cheese dog chews?

Yak chews are an increasingly popular all-natural dog treat. You may already know they originated in the Himalayas, but why and how did Himalayan dog chews come to be?

They were first made for human consumption as a portable, healthful snack, crafted from a blend of yak and cow milk. Tibetan monks are thought to have begun making them centuries ago, and prized them for their nutritional density and stability for long-term storage. More recently they were adapted for dogs, with lower lactose to suit dogs' digestive systems and support their nutrient and chewing needs.  

What makes Himalayan yak milk so nutritious for your dog

  • Low in lactose, making yak cheese dog chews easy to digest and low in sugar for your pup.
  • A rich source of protein, which is key for fueling energy, building and maintaining muscle mass, and encouraging overall health.
  • High in calcium and vitamin D, providing essential nutrients for strong bones 
  • Rich in essential amino acids such as omega-3 fatty acids to support heart and skin health
  • Full of bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties

The natural process of turning yak milk into a hard yak cheese chew adds only two other ingredients:

  • Lime juice
  • A hint of salt

The trick to choosing genuinely healthful treats and chews for your dog is to stick with single or very limited-ingredient treats and chews. That makes it easy to know you're giving your pup only good ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce -- no chemicals, no preservatives, no mystery.

The few simple, natural ingredients in a Himalayan dog chew are all there for good reason. The lime juice and touch of salt facilitate the traditional process of hardening yak milk into the nutritious yak cheese dog chew that dogs love.

Black dog opens mouth wide for human to give Mighty Paw Yak Chew.

How yak chews can help keep your dog's teeth healthy

Chewing is a natural, stress-relieving behavior for dogs, and yak cheese dog chews offer a safe outlet for this instinct. As dogs gnaw away, the hard texture helps target plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth, promoting healthy gums and fresh breath. The unique qualities of yak chews for dogs make them a delicious way of promoting dental health between brushings!

The right hardness of yak chews for your dog's teeth

Many dog parents ask about yak chews' hardness, how long they last, and how they work with dogs' teeth to help clean them safely. While yak cheese dog chews are designed to be hard and long-lasting, they will soften where your dog is chewing thanks to your dog’s saliva.

That makes yak chews soft enough for your dog's teeth to slowly work through and get the brushing-like effect on teeth. And it avoids the hardness of some too-firm chews that can risk being too much when your dog has more brittle teeth due to age or other factors.

If you would like to soften your yak chew in advance, you can moisten or soak it in water and pop it in the microwave quickly. Jump to our guide here to learn more on how to microwave a yak cheese dog chew to make a tempting yak chew puff.

Are yak milk chews a long-lasting chew?

Yak cheese dog chews last for different amounts of time depending on your individual dog, but yak chews tend to be good, long-lasting chews that even keep power chewers busy over multiple sessions. Yak chews come in different sizes by dog weight, which you can see on the package, to choose what's right for your dog.

Our Mighty Paw pup Barley, as an example, is about 55 pounds and a dedicated power chewer. We give him the large size yak chews, which last for several sessions of about 45 minutes or more each, stretching over several days.

Once your dog gets down to the small end piece of a yak chew, simply take it away, soak it in water for 5 minutes, then pop it into the microwave for 45-60 seconds, and tah-dah, you'll have a delicious yak cheese puff treat for your dog!

Remember, for any and all chews for dogs, it's always a good idea to keep chewing supervised for safety's sake.

Black dog stands on chair with Mighty Paw Yak Chew in mouth.

Why all-natural yak cheese dog chews support digestive health

Unlike risky rawhide chews and some other chewable pet products known for potential blockages and toxic ingredients, all-natural yak cheese dog chews are known for being more digestible. When your dog gnaws on yak cheese chews, your dog's saliva softens them slowly and makes them fully digestible.

In addition to being more easily digestible, yak cheese chews are lactose-free, grain-free, gluten-free, chemical-free, preservative-free, mess-free, and smell-free! Especially for your dog who might have a food sensitivity or allergy, the 3 clean, simple ingredients (and no chicken, meat, grain, or other potential food sensitivity triggers) can make yak cheese chews the right choice for chewing.

Buy Mighty Paw Yak Chews and we'll donate yak chews to dogs in need!

When you give your dog a Mighty Paw yak cheese chew, you're upping your own dog's health and happiness and you're giving one to a rescue dog too.

Our Chews for Change program is one way we like to spread the good health and joy we all share with our own dogs with rescue pups waiting for their forever families. Every time you buy one of our yak chews for your dog, a rescue dog gets one too.

You can see some of the happy recipients on our social media from Humane Society of Scott County, Let Love Live, Polk County Bully Project, and Mary S Roberts Pet Adoption Center.

New adopters pose with dog and hold up Mighty Paw Yak Chew.

At Mighty Paw, we believe in keeping our dogs at their happiest and making the most of every adventure together. That's why donating yak cheese dog chews to rescue dogs is important to us. Yak chews are the perfect enrichment tool for rescue dogs waiting in their kennels to be adopted, and help them to calm down and destress before meeting their potential new family.

We're committed to providing high-quality products that are safe, durable, and practical for everything you need to keep your pup healthy and happy and enjoying every moment by your side.

Keep exploring our products for more of the best for dogs! And don't forget to follow us on social media!

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