Best Dog Gifts For The Dog You Take Everywhere

We know the truly best gift is being able to have your dog by your side, going everywhere and doing everything with you.

Founder of Mighty Paw walking outside with his dog Barley using the Mighty Paw Hands Free Leash.

Our dogs here at Mighty Paw certainly second that emotion!

That's why we do everything we can to help make that possible. To make it easier, safer, and more fun for all of us to do more with our dogs.  

We use our own experience as dog parents and adventurers to create products that fit seamlessly into our lives and enhance our bond with our canine companions.

But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with new ideas for how to spend quality time with your pup. That's why we've put together a list of the best gifts for the "go everywhere with you" dog in your life.

Here are 6 of our best gifts for your go-everywhere dog to get out there and enjoy every adventure large and small together:

Girl looking out into mountains hugging her husky dog.

#1. Every dog's must-have for neighborhood walks or the sportiest adventures: the Sport Dog Harness 2.0

All dogs deserve the comfort and safety of a good, secure, well-fitting harness. Any time your dog is on leash - even for the shortest walk - every pull and movement without a harness can put strain on your dog's neck and throat that can cause health issues over time.

A harness evenly distributes any pressure across your dog's chest and shoulders. An added benefit (and another reason professional positive trainers swear by a good harness) is the way it helps you and your dog anticipate each other's body language and move more in sync on walks and whenever you're out in the world. A good thing all around.

Brown and white pittie type dog wearing black Mighty Paw Sport Harness.

Why pet parents love the Sport Dog Harness

We created the Sport Dog Harness with all the details every dog mom, dad, and dog trainer tells us our dogs need to be safe and comfortable:

  • First, it's fully padded and adjustable with both neck and chest straps for a snug, custom fit that's secure and feels good to your pup.
  • Dual leash attachments - one in the front, one on the top/center back  -  give you options for what works best for your individual dog. For dogs who tend to pull, trainers often recommend the front, no-pull attachment - and for general walking, the top/back.
  • You'll also find a padded handle on the back of the harness to give you instant control in those moments when you need to hold your pup and also helps lift your dog when needed.
  • Every dog person knows we can't always count on sunshine and light for all our walks, so the sport harness is also made with durable, weatherproof materials and includes reflective stitching for night visibility.

And for all the dogs who can't bear having a harness pulled over their head (and every dog owner who struggles with it every time), this one's for you: we added an easy neck buckle that opens so the harness goes on AROUND your dog's neck instead. Whew!

Brown Shepard sitting wearing Mighty Paw black Sport Harness.

Check out all the details on the Sport Dog Harness 2.0 here and why we think it's one of the best gifts for dogs!

#2. Give your pup extra freedom to explore and play with an extra-long Long Leash.

A long leash is one of those things pet parents don't think about needing, then you can't imagine not having one for exercise and training fun with your dog.

Woman sitting on a bench outside with her big brown dog sitting near her on Mighty Paw's Long Leash.

Why pet parents and dogs love the Long Leash

Endorsed by thousands of trainers, long leashes (also known as a "long-line") provide an "off-leash" feel that lets you and your dog practice training, recall, and behavior skills safely in an open area. Our long leash is available in 15 feet or 30 feet to make it easy to play fetch in an unfenced park or give your pup freer rein to unwind with compelling sniffs as they pop up on a walk or hike.

We built in a few simple details that make the Long Leash work easily for every pet parent and pup alike:

  • A buckle on the handle that opens to allow the leash to be secured around trees, posts or tables to give your dog a natural off-leash feel and keep your hands free for very important things like throwing your dog's beloved ball.
  • A neoprene-padded handle to give you a comfortable, no-slip grip, plus a swivel-free clasp to prevent tangling during walking or training.
  • Made of water-, UV-, and mildew-resistant nylon for durable, long-term use no matter what your dog's adventures put it through.

Girl on walk with her dog using the Mighty Paw Long Leash.

To see the full details on one of our favorite gifts and decide which length is right to give your dog, find the Long Leash here.

#3. For braving waves or tackling any wet outing: the Waterproof Leash

When you have a dog who loves to explore, things like sand, sea, wet leaves, or you-name-it just add to the intrigue and fun. You may have to bathe your dog after wet, yucky excursions, but you won't have to give a thought to your Waterproof Leash, which was literally made for this.

Husky in water on the beach wearing Mighty Paw's Waterproof Collar and Leash.

Why dog lovers of water-loving dogs love the Waterproof Leash

For starters, it's made of PVC-based coated nylon material that's waterproof, smell-proof (you're welcome!), and easier to clean than regular leashes. It stands up to all weather and all terrain and built to withstand more than 750 lbs of max force tension, way more than you'll ever need for even the most active dogs or your biggest, strongest pups let alone your little water-loving, wire-haired dachshund or doodle mix.

What if the leash gets dirty? Just wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel and it’s good as new! It's also made to be comfortable for your dog, soft and flexible instead of stiff like other waterproof material. And for all your evening walks, a high-visibility reflective stripe helps keep you both safe.

Husky dog on beach wearing the Mighty Paw Waterproof Leash.

Check out the Waterproof Leash here and enjoy all your soggy shenanigans with your furry pal!

#4. Keep your pup hydrated and fueled on the go easily with the Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl Set.

Sometimes functional gifts like, say, collapsible travel bowls can seem rather underwhelming.  But when you think about all the away-from-homebase times you could have conveniently kept your pup hydrated, fed, and happy, you can see why pet owners don't want to leave home without them.

Golden outside drinking water out of Mighty Paw orange Collapsible Bowl.

Why pet parents love the Collapsible Travel Bowls 

You'll like them for all the convenience they bring to your on-the-go life with your dog: an easy clip-on carabiner to attach to a backpack, belt, whatever; collapsible and lightweight to fit in and carry anywhere; and dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

You'll love them for helping you keep your pup hydrated and healthy, making it possible to give your dog fresh water and food anywhere in food-safe, BPA-free, eco-friendly food and water bowls. Each dog bowl is made from food grade silicone, making them 100% safe for your pup to eat and drink from.

Man walking in the woods with his dog with Mighty Paw orange Collapsible Bowl tied to his backpack.

Find all the reasons to give your active pup the perfect gift of the Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl Set here, and healthy, happy trails!

#5. Training and treating your dog when you're out and about? Yak Cheese Training Cracker Treats to the rescue.

When you're on the move enjoying all kinds of experiences with your dog, one of the first things you learn (and that any positive trainer will tell you) is you'll be giving your dog LOTS of treats. Why? You're training your dog to make good choices and rewarding and repeatedly solidifying all those good-dog habits generously and often.

That means you'll want treats that are good nutrition for your dog and that you can give in small bites so your dog doesn't overdo it on calories and add weight.

Tan dog eating Mighty Paw Yak Cheese Training Cracker.

Why dogs and dog owners love Yak Cheese Training Treats

Treats are always a more than welcome dog gift, but every dog lover already knows that. What makes Yak Cheese Training Cracker Treats perfect for generous treating and training with your go-everywhere pup:

  • 100% natural, limited-ingredient treats: only 3 all-natural ingredients - yak milk, and a small amount of salt and lime juice for the curing process of the milk
  • Grain free, gluten free, lactose free, and odor free - perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs and food allergies
  • Naturally high in protein and calcium, helping to support muscle and bone growth and providing nutritional value in every treat
  • And the favorite benefit of positive trainers - super easy to break into small pieces for training or an anytime treat as your dog learns how to navigate the world happily and confidently

Mighty Paw Yak Cheese Training Crackers in a glass jar and treat pouch on kitchen counter.

For the full story on how they're made and why your dog will LOVE getting them, check out Yak Cheese Training Treats here.

#6. And when safety comes first, which is always: the Dog Car Safety Belt

Just as we think "safety first" with our human children, we always want to be sure all safety issues are covered so we can relax and enjoy outings with our dog kids. That's especially true when it involves car safety.

Woman buckling black dog in car using Mighty Paw Safety Belt and Vehicle Harness.

Why dog parents love the Dog Car Safety Belt

We designed our safety belt using the same specifications used for securing child car seats. The federal government (FMVSS) requires that all vehicles be manufactured using latch bar anchor points to "increase child restraint effectiveness and child safety."

Here at Mighty Paw, we believe if there is a safer option for our children, then our dogs deserve it too! With the easy-to-use latch hook, the Safety Belt can be directly connected to the frame of the vehicle for better security.

Other dog seat belt systems can easily be released when your dog steps on the buckle button. Not with the Mighty Paw Dog Car Safety Belt!

To give your dog safety and security in the car and yourself peace of mind, you can find all the details on the Dog Car Safety Belt here.

Tan doodle dog buckled in the backseat of a car using the Mighty Paw Safety Belt.

There you go! 6 ways to give the best dog gifts of all: the happiest, safest, go-everywhere, do-everything, best life with you!

As always at Mighty Paw, our commitment is to provide dog parents with high-quality products that are safe, durable, and practical for everyday use. From outdoor adventures to snuggles on the couch, we've got you covered.

Keep exploring our products for more great dog gifts! And don't forget to follow us on social media!

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