7 Gifts for Dogs to Help Your Pup Be Happy and Healthy

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If you're a health-conscious dog parent looking for gifts that will help your pup be happy and healthy, we've got you covered.

We've rounded up 7 of our own dogs' favorites here at Mighty Paw to make it easy to choose the best gifts for your pup to live your healthiest, happiest lives together.

Tan dog sitting in front of Mighty Paw supplements and chews on a bench outside.

#1. Chicken Feet may not sound like the most enticing treat to you... but, trust us, just ask your dog.

Give your dog one of our Chicken Feet Chews and prepare for your pup's "you just gave me the best thing ever" reaction. (Heads up, you'll never again be able to accidentally rustle the bag without your dog instantly teleporting to your side.) Why? The simple answer -- literally simple since they're 100%, single-ingredient chicken feet -- is they're, well, chicken feet, and dogs instinctively love the smell, taste, and texture of chicken feet.

White dog eats Mighty Paw chicken foot outside.

What makes chicken feet good for your dog?

If you're like most dog owners whose dogs don't love toothbrushing, anything your dog sees as a treat that also could support plaque removal and clean teeth is a pretty great win-win. But the potential dental health benefits are just one reason chicken feet are so good for dogs.

The act of chewing is one of those very dog things that instinctively feeds their souls (like sniffing on walks) while it has a calming, comforting effect in their brains, triggering the release of endorphins that relieve anxiousness and support a normal stress response.

Chicken feet also support your dog's joint health as a source of protein and nutrients, and are naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin. Who knew simple, unassuming chicken feet could do so much?!

Find all the details on our all-natural Chicken Feet Chews here to start giving your dog all the good benefits and great fun of chewing away on chicken feet!

#2. Possibly the best gift you can give your dog - all the walks your pup's heart desires... and a Classic Leather Leash for every step of the way.

There's something about a leather leash that's there for years of walks and just gets better with age. It somehow becomes one of those comforting signs that all is right with the world whether it's just hanging by the door, on a good walk with you and your pup, or a trigger for your dog's pre-walk happy dance when you touch it or even move toward it.

The details...

This one's a classic in 100% genuine leather that's flexible, not stiff, with a padded handle for you and a rock climber-quality carabiner clip built to withstand even the strongest pulling or squirrel-sighting lunges. With hardware that's designed to be super-strong but light in weight, this 6-foot leash is a perfect gift for all sizes from your small dog to your largest.

Chocolate lab getting Mighty Paw leather leash put on while outside at sunset.

Why walks are so important for dogs

We all know walks are good for our dogs, but recent studies are showing how good they really are - a key factor in keeping our pups at their ideal weight (along with nutrition), which is important for all dogs but especially some dog breeds/mixes.

Taking dogs for plenty of walks isn't just about the calorie-burning, muscle-building benefits of daily physical exercise. It's also mentally stimulating and de-stressing for dogs to just be dogs and sniff every sniff along the way. And of course, walking together is one of the treasured bonding times we can share with our dogs every day to enjoy the moment and each other.

Check out the leather leash here (also available with braided leather detail). Happy walking!

And next, 5 more gifts for dogs created because of awesome dog parents like you...

Dog lovers kept asking us for something that could naturally support their dog's and feel good from the inside out. Actually, we wanted the same for our own Mighty Paw crew: a way to make it simple to give the right combinations of vitamins, herbs, and nutrients to support our dogs - from joint mobility to promote immunity, gut, shiny skin and coat.

So for every dog mom, dog dad, and dog lover who asked (and all those who didn't but thought it)... these next 5 gifts for dogs are for you: good wellness support by the bite, cleverly disguised as irresistible treats for your pup...

#3. To support your dog's joyful adventures at every age - treat your pup to Mighty Joints.

One of the best gifts for dogs any pet parent can give is experiences and the strong, healthy joints that make even the smallest adventure possible. Whether your pup is a senior fortifying hips and joints for everyday activity or a younger dog protecting precious joints for rambunctious play, it's never too early or too late to start the powerful support of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM in Mighty Joints Chews.

Mighty Paw Joints on a picnic table with a black and white dog with paws up on the table.

Why pet parents love Mighty Joints

Like all of our Waggables Supplements, Mighty Joints Chews were formulated by veterinarians with only tried-and-true nutrients; they're packed with the trio of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM that work together to promote joint lubrication and help provide essential support to connective tissues. All to support your dog's energy and mobility to live life to the fullest with you.

Our esteemed group of taste testers, led by our own Barley, have the final word on the worth-begging-for factor. Your dog can thank them for the tasty bacon flavor of these chews.

Check out Mighty Joints Chews here and enjoy all your adventures together, large and small!

#4. Give your dog a glow-up with the skin and coat benefits of fish oil in Mighty Omega Chews.

Does your dog have dry skin and a dullish coat that's missing its normal shine? Seasonal changes, dry air, changes in diet... so many things can impact our dogs' skin and coat and leave them feeling literally less comfortable in their own skin and not their usual shiny selves.

Good news - the immune-boosting properties of fish oil in Mighty Omega Chews are a natural  way to support your dog's healthy glow.

Little tan dog sitting on owner's lap as owner gives dog Mighty Omega chew.

Why pet parents love Mighty Omega

Mighty Omega Chews are carefully vet-formulated with the nourishing ingredients known to work together to soothe skin and support ongoing skin health, a glossy coat, even your pup's vitality and heart health: high-quality salmon oil, omega-3s, EPA, and DHA.

Find the full story on Mighty Omega Chews here and get your dog glowing!

#5. For your itchy, allergy-prone pup, the ultimate must-have: Mighty Immune + Itch Chews.

It's painful to watch our dogs incessantly licking their paws and itching everywhere when seasonal and household allergens take over. Not to mention frustrating to try to find solutions that get to the root of the issue and last. That's why we made Mighty Immune Chews, vet-formulated to support dogs' immune systems against seasonal allergies naturally from the inside out.

Why pet parents love Mighty Immune + Itch

They may look, smell, and taste like soft bacon-y chews to your pup, but they're packed with all the things that support dogs' immune systems - and help ditch the itch! Each chew gives your dog the vet-formulated high-powered combination of turmeric and quercetin to support a healthy response to seasonal allergies, omega-3's to maintain skin moisture and health, and antioxidants to support immune and cellular health.

Together they can help support your dog against seasonal allergies from the inside for everyday, ongoing health and comfort.

Speckled dog waits patiently in kitchen for owner to give Mighty Immune chew.

Check out all the details on Mighty Immune + Itch Chews here, and treat your pup to some relief that tastes like bacon!

#6 Give your dog gut support for wide-ranging benefits: Mighty Probiotic Chews.

Whether for ourselves or for our dogs, we're all hearing a lot about how having a healthy gut can help everything else in our bodies work better - even our mental health and mood. There are a lot of probiotic options out there and finding the best of the best can be overwhelming for a lot of us dog parents. That's why we worked with veterinarians to make the choice simple by formulating an effective probiotic as a daily dog chew - easy for a dog owner to give, irresistible for your dog to snag.

Why dog parents love Mighty Probiotic

There's a lot going on behind our phrase "healthy guts, happy mutts.'" The unique blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics in Mighty Probiotic Chews supports a balanced biome, proper digestion and gut function, a healthy immune system, and promotes nutrient absorption so your dog gets the full benefit of all the good nutrition you're feeding them.

Don't be surprised if your dog has more energy and less funky tummy trouble... simply put, more of everything good and less of what's not!

Get the details on Mighty Probiotic Chews here and give your dog all the goodness!

#7 Struggling with tear stains? Brighten up your pup's eyes with supportive nutrients that taste like treats in Mighty Eyes.

Most pet owners, especially those with white or light-colored dogs, find tear stains are often a frustrating problem to solve in a lasting way - especially with topical treatments. That's why Mighty Eyes was formulated by veterinarians to support your dog's eyes from the inside out.

Why dogs parents love Mighty Eyes

The reddish-brown color is caused by porphyrins in your dog's "tears" as they react with your dog's fur. Porphyrins are iron-containing molecules produced by the body when it breaks down iron. They can also be found in your dog's saliva - hence the same color stain on paws when your dog is frequently licking paws from itchy allergies or other irritants.

Mighty Eyes Chews combine the natural benefits of cranberry, lutein, and eyebright herb extract to provide powerful eye health support.

For added support against the itchiness that can contribute to watery eyes, you might want to consider Mighty Immune (above) as well. It can also be a good idea to give your dog filtered water especially if your regular tap water has a high iron count.

Speckled dog waiting patiently for Mighty Paw Mighty Eyes in kitchen

Check out all the details on Mighty Eyes Chews (bacon-flavored, of course) here, and treat your dog to clean, bright eyes.

There you have it, 7 ways to give your dog the best gift of all - the happiest, most adventure-filled, best life with you!

As always at Mighty Paw, our commitment is to provide dog parents with high-quality products that are safe, durable, and practical for everyday use. From outdoor adventures to snuggles on the couch, we've got you covered. Next time your pup is feeling itchy or in need of gut support, consider giving them one of our Mighty Paw chews - they'll thank you for it!

Keep exploring our products for more great gifts for your dog! And don't forget to follow us on social media!

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