Benefits Of The Mighty Paw Grooming Rake & Grooming Brush

Benefits Of The Mighty Paw Grooming Rake & Grooming Brush

Hey Mighty Paw fam, Barbara here again to talk to you about the benefits of our Mighty Paw Grooming Rake & Grooming Brush!

They're part of our new dog grooming line, and we're really excited to have designed them with efficiency and comfort in mind.  

I Have A Confession To Make

But before I'll go into more detail about their benefits, allow me to just be honest and admit that I hadn't been brushing my dog as often as I should have!

He has a short wash'n go coat, and I've only been brushing him a few times per month with this worn out grooming glove I've had for quite some time. 

Quite frankly, it's been more of a lack of owning a really good dog brush than laziness. Now that I have T W O, I've surprised myself by the fact that I DO use them, and almost on a daily basis, too.

The best part is that Wally loves these brushing sessions and there's clearly less hair floating around the house!

How I Got Into The Habit Of Regular Dog Brushing

To get into the habit of regular brushing, I placed both brushes in plain sight. Since I know that I'm grabbing my Mighty Paw treat pouch every day for our walks, I put the brush and the rake right next to it. That way I see them several times per day, and it's become a no-brainer to use them.

So when we get back from our morning walk and I put the treat pouch back up, I grab the rake and the brush to groom Wally. Our grooming sessions only last a few minutes, that's really all it takes for his type of coat.

If your pup has a thicker coat or longer hair, his coat will really benefit from daily brushing sessions because they'll prevent hair mats. | Placing the Mighty Paw Grooming Brush and Rake in plain sight helps establish a brushing routine

Features & Benefits Of The Mighty Paw Dog Grooming Rake & Brush

OK, now let's take a closer look at the rake and the brush:

Mighty Paw | Benefits of the Grooming Rake & Brush

Features & Benefits Of The Dog Grooming Rake

The rake has two sides for different purposes: The wide 9 tooth side is made for dematting & untangling, and the 17 tooth side for thinning & deshedding.

It's designed for all dog hair types and has rounded teeth that make grooming safe yet effective

Its teeth are made of stainless steel material which means it's built to last, won't rust or discolor, and is easy to clean.

The rake is available in green and orange, and features a soft-grip, ergonomic handle as well as a built-in thumb rest for comfortable and safe grooming sessions:

  • 2-in-1 dual-sided comb
  • Made for all hair types
  • Demats & untangles
  • Thins & desheds
  • Rounded teeth
  • Safe & effective
  • Easy grooming at home
  • Stress-free bonding
  • Stainless steel material
  • Built to last
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t rust or discolor
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Soft grip ergonomic handle
  • Built-in thumb rest
  • Comfort & control
  • 2 bright colors 
Mighty Paw Grooming Rake for Dogs

Features & Benefits Of The Dog Grooming Brush

The brush has stainless steel, soft bent bristles for maximum coat penetration that's not only effective, but also safe.

Its bristles are retractable and make cleaning a breeze! Simply press the button and the bristles disappear. All that's left to do is wipe or blow the hair off.

Since the bristles are made of stainless steel, they won't rust or discolor.

Just like the rake, the brush is available in green and orange, and also features a soft-grip, ergonomic handle with a built-in thumb rest for comfortable grooming sessions: 

  • Stainless steel soft bent bristles
  • Professional grooming at home
  • Maximum coat penetration
  • Safe & effective
  • Retractable bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft grip ergonomic handle
  • Built-in thumb rest
  • Added comfort
  • Extra control
  • Built to last
  • Won’t rust or discolor
  • Recommended by professionals
  • 2 bright colors 
Mighty Paw self cleaning Pet Hair Brush

How To Use The Mighty Paw Dog Grooming Rake & Brush

Both the rake and the brush are great for daily coat maintenance in-between your visits at the grooming salon!

They're super easy to use and the fact that they feature an ergonomic handle makes your grooming sessions comfortable, even when they're on the longer side:

  1. Start at your dog's neck and brush in the direction the fur grows
  2. Don't brush against the grain because that's uncomfortable
  3. Gently brush tangles and mats out
  4. Our rake is the perfect tool for larger mats
  5. Brush gently and slowly regardless of your dog's coat length
  6. Always brush your dog's coat when it's dry, not when it's wet



So if you want to give your pup a bath, dry his coat first before brushing it. If your dog has mats, brush them out first before giving him a bath because water can make mats worse! If you find mats that are really bad, you may have to get help from a professional groomer.

Tip: If your pup is not a fan of brushing and grooming sessions in general, try distracting him or her with our Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad! 

The way it works is you smear food like peanut butter or wet dog food on the pad, then you let your dog lick it off.

The mat consists of 4 different sections that we call quadrants, and each quadrant is more difficult to lick food out of than the previous one!

With that in mind, you can use the EASY quadrant to keep your pup busy for 1-3 minutes, the FUN quadrant for 3-5 minutes, the ANXIETY RELIEF quadrant for 5-15 minutes, and the DISTRACTION quadrant for 15-30 minutes. 


Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad


The brush helps remove your dog's dead undercoat and stimulates your dog's skin without scratching or hurting your pup. When you're done brushing, all you have to do is press the button near the head of the brush, and the bristles retract. Now you can easily wipe the hair off your brush, and then it's ready for storage. 

Use the rake's 9 tooth side for dematting & untangling, and its 17 tooth side for thinning & deshedding. 

My pup Wally's coat is short and doesn't need any dematting or untangling, but it definitely needs deshedding!

When I use the rake on him, I mainly use the 17 tooth side on his chest and neck area. That's where his coat is the thickest. 

Mighty Paw Grooming Rake for dogs

Any Cons?

The brush and the rake handles might tempt a chewer to dig in, so it's best to put them up and out of reach of your nosy pup!

Are you ready to start grooming your pup on a regular basis? Have fun with your new grooming rake and grooming brush!

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder, former dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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  • Linda Anderson

    Feb 08, 2021

    Linda Anderson

    My adopted collie isn’t crazy about grooming, but he is the opposite of the last comment. I can brush/rake/de-shed his rear all I want, but he hates having his neck and chest groomed. He likes the de-shedding side of the dual sided comb best. I’ve recommended it to a friend with labs and a friend with collies. They love the tool. But the best is my daughter’s flat coat retriever mix. The sweet dog got absolutely dangerous when groomed. She tried my two sided tool. Her dog lay quietly for 30 minutes for grooming and seemed to enjoy it! Like mine, she liked the de-shedding side best, but with the good experience, we can work into the rake side. My daughter bought one too.

  • Barbara Rivers

    Jan 18, 2021

    Barbara Rivers

    Hi Susan,

    Do you suspect that there’s a specific reason why your pup doesn’t like having his rear end touched or brushed? If he had a bad experience with a specific tool in that area, you may have to use a different looking tool. Or does he have any lumps or bumps on his rear end that hurt when something touches them?

    If you decide to try the rake, maybe start on your pup’s chest or neck area where he doesn’t mind getting brushed, and very slowly move towards his rear end.

    We offer a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee on our products, so if your pup ends up hating the rake, you could return it and we’d refund your money (we’d just need proof of purchase).

    I hope this helped a little!


  • Susan Williams

    Jan 18, 2021

    Susan Williams

    My Brittany is very sensitive about anything to do with his rear end. I am wondering whether the rake would work for him—he hates to have his hair pulled and get very stressed. What do you think?

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