Reiki Healing For Dogs?

We all need a bit of TLC from time to time, whether it’s a spa break or a holiday. Everyone has their own way of de-stressing and unwinding and more and more people are turning to meditation these days. But what about our animal friends? Remember they are very closely related to us humans, in mind, body and genetic makeup, so it makes sense that from time to time they will need rebalancing too. And that is where reiki healing for animals comes in.

What is Reiki Healing?

If you haven’t heard of Reiki before, it’s a Japanese healing therapy system that was brought to the masses by an enlightened man by the name of Mikao Usui. He was a Buddhist monk who had an enlightenment moment whilst meditating on the top of a mountain around 1922. He realized that universal energy can be directed to those who need it most to help rebalance their energy fields. As you may recall from school, everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are essentially energy. So with reiki we can interact with other beings’ energy fields to help restore them when they get blocked or unbalanced.

Reiki for dogs and other animals

Reiki has been practiced on humans since Mikao Usui began offering it, but now there are many animal therapists that offer it to people’s pets, whether they are dogs, cats, horses or mice. The interesting thing is, it seems that animals are more in tune with their energy fields and the energy that is around them in nature, so often they are very open to a reiki healing session. Depending on the character of the animal and the issue they have, a pet may completely fall into a deep restful sleep, absorbing the reiki energy flow, or they may move their bodies into a particular area so the reiki practitioner can work on a part of the animal that it knows needs rebalancing the most.

How can it help heal animals?

There are many ways in which an animal can be helped with reiki healing. It could be a physical issue that needs working on, where a relaxing healing session will help the animal heal itself. Perhaps a dog has had to have surgery at the vets and needs to recover. We all know dogs don’t like to keep still for too long, but sometimes too much movement will hinder the healing, so by using a reiki animal practitioner we can help the wound to heal quicker so the animal can get back to normal life sooner.

Animals also suffer emotional problems, just like us. Reiki can help an animal let go of emotions that are making it unhappy or maybe are holding it back. Often times healers can tune into an animal when healing to pick up what is going on with the pet. This can be an excellent way to help your dog or cat and it is called animal communication. Many animal reiki practitioners offer this service so do ask when booking a pet reiki session if you feel this would help you and your dog.

We are now seeing how animals are not just dumb creatures that cannot talk, but they are in fact sentient beings that have feelings such as joy, love and even pain and sadness. Pets are part of our families are we are devastated when they die. We spend a lot of money on them with vets bills and food etc so why not make them even healthier and happier by booking a reiki session for your best friend. The great thing is, reiki can be offered as a hands-on healing or through distant healing, meaning a reiki practitioner can tune into your animal from the other side of the world and direct the healing to your pet. So wherever you are, you can improve the quality of your dogs life by booking a reiki session. And don’t forget they are really nice to have yourself, so why not book a session for yourself to see what it’s like!


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