Top 3 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas is here and it’s time to find the best gifts for our dog loving friends and family.

1. Hands-Free Bungee Dog Leash

This belt and bungee dog leash kit allows for hands-free dog walking/running! It’s the perfect gift for any dog parent as it allows for phone use, coffee drinking, or even running all while NOT hanging on to a leash.

Starts at $19.99


2. Hands-Free Treat Pouch

This drawstring hands-free treat pouch holds up to 2 cups of dog treats, has 2 storage pouches (for phones and other belongings), has a carabiner clip for keys or training clicker, and also a poop bag dispenser.  It’s a great all-in-one product for all dog lovers.

Starts at $17.95


3. Dual Handle Padded Dog Leash


This 6 ft long dual-handled dog leash provides the perfect balance of adventure and control that every dog enthusiast will enjoy. Use the traffic handle when in crowded places or when you meet another dog on the street. Use the standard handle for every day walking and hiking. Pet owners will enjoy the extra comfort provided by the super soft neoprene padded handles.

Starts at $15.99


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