7 Things about owning a dog…

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Seven things about owning a dog that sound a lot worse than they actually are; and what every Dog owner will understand!

  1. Sharing your bed.

Even the smallest of dogs seem to take up a large portion of your bed. Their warm little bodies always seem to sleep peacefully right in the center, leaving no room for your legs to stretch comfortably. You can shove them out of the way but they always nuzzle back into their spot. WARNING! You may be awoken by their cute little snores or the adorable way they move their legs when they’re chasing rabbits in their dreams.

  1. They eat ridiculous things.

Your shoes, cat poop, garbage, and your homework. Whatever they eat, it doesn’t stop you from letting them lick your entire face. Gross.

  1. Cleaning up poop.

It’s one of those weird things you just get used to. If you got used to cleaning up after your baby, a dog is no different. Oddly enough, seeing your dog take a nice big poop is weirdly reassuring to pet owners – it means your dog is healthy…and it means you won’t need to take them outside again for a couple more hours. A dog squatting on a lawn is usually followed by a sigh of relief.

  1. You can’t leave them alone for long periods of time.
Having a dog is a big time commitment and a major responsibility. You had to skip out on drinks with your coworkers to go home to let the dog out; but, when you walk in the door you’re greeted with all sorts of noises of hugs, kisses, and tail wagging. Do your coworkers greet you like that every time you re-enter a room?


5. You become utterly obsessed with your dog and people notice it.

Your friends get annoyed because your Pup is in every single one of your Snap Chats, has her own Instagram account, and is brought up in every conversation you have.


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6. You can’t bring them everywhere you go.

Uh oh, the dreaded “no dogs allowed” sign that you see on certain establishments. Some people would ditch the dog, dog lovers ditch the establishment. Peace out, let’s get outta here Peanut!


  1. You’re never alone.

Whether you’re changing, showering, or on the toilet – you always have an audience. The only difference between your dog and your friends is that you can be completely and utterly yourself around your dog. Sing as loud as you want in the car, dance as crazy as you want in your bedroom, your dog will always be there. Having someone who loves you unconditionally and always has your back doesn’t sound so awful, now does it?

Doesn’t it all sound Wonderful?  Ready for a Dog?

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