Meet Our Ambassadors: Joanna With Nyx & Kane

Hey Mighty Paw Fam, Barbara here to share a brand new blog format with you all!

As of today, we're going to feature our Mighty Paw brand ambassadors here on the blog. We'll take a little peek into their lives and learn about their dogs, individual challenges as well as favorite activities.

We're kicking this new series off with our Mighty Paw brand ambassadors Joanna and her dogs Nyx and Kane! If you've followed us for a while, you've probably seen picture or video footage of them at some point.

They live in beautiful Colorado where they spend a lot of time exploring the grand outdoors. Ready to meet them? Let's go!

Meet Our Ambassadors: Joanna With Nyx & Kane

Meet Our Mighty Paw Ambassadors: Joanna With Nyx & Kane

Let's talk dogs, Joanna! Have you always had dogs in your life and who are your current pups?

Yes, I have always had dogs in my life. I grew up with an English Pointer and a Doberman, and later a German Shorthaired Pointer.

My current dogs are Kane and Nyx.

Kane was my first dog as an adult. He is a rescue mutt from Chicago and is now 7 years old.

Nyx is a German Shorthaired Pointer and is 2 years old.

Mighty Paw Brand ambassadors Nyx and Kane

Gear featured above:

What’s your favorite activity with Nyx and Kane? 

Hiking is our favorite activity together :)

Hiking in Colorado with Mighty Paw dog gear

Gear featured above:

Mighty Paw Leather Dog Collar and Rope Leash

Any favorite hiking places in Colorado you’d like to recommend to our readers?

There are so many absolutely stunning hikes in Colorado, some easy and some very difficult.

My favorite adventure thus far was backpacking the Four Pass Loop in Aspen. It's a 4-day backpacking trip over four mountain passes. It was some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen and such an empowering experience. 

Hiking in the Colorado mountains with the Mighty Paw long dog leash

Gear featured above:

I know that you also do a lot of training with your pups. Can you share some of the training challenges you’ve experienced with Nyx and Kane and how you overcame them? 

Shortly after rescuing Kane we learned that he had some difficult behavioral issues.

He struggles with social interaction with both dogs and people. He needs very, very slow introductions to dogs and does not enjoy being pet by strangers.

We've done a lot of training with him and a professional dog trainer to help him be neutral to dogs and people as well as walk away from situations he is uncomfortable in.

He's come a long way and we have learned to trust each other.

Nyx was one of the easiest dogs to train but she definitely has a sassy attitude that she brings to the table. She needs consistency and clear communication to succeed.

Any general training tips you’d like to share with our readers?

Training can be exhausting and a slow process, but stick with it and work hard and you will see results.

If you are truly struggling with your dog, I highly recommend seeking the help of a professional trainer!

Dog training with the Mighty Paw Dog Treat Pouch 2.0

Gear featured above:

What do you particularly like/appreciate about Mighty Paw?

We love working with Mighty Paw and testing out all their products on our hiking adventures!

The team at Mighty Paw is so supportive, encouraging and inspiring. They're always developing and upgrading new products to provide the best quality gear.

What’s your pups' favorite Mighty Paw product and why/how does it help you in your daily life?

Nyx and Kane's favorite Mighty Paw products are the Naturals Chews, especially the Yak Cheese Dog Chews and the Bully Sticks. They're both tasty AND long-lasting entertainment chews.

Because of Nyx's sweet disposition, she gets to come along to dog-friendly breweries and that's when the chews come in super handy to keep her busy!

Kane is chewing on a Mighty Paw Yak Cheese Dog Chew


Above: Yak Cheese Dog Chews


Nyx is chewing on a Mighty Paw Naturals Bully Stick


Above: Bully Sticks

I personally have a few favorite products!

The first one is the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. It's so much lighter than most slow feeder bowls and I love the ability to either use the insert on its own or in a bowl because Kane needs it in a bowl while Nyx does not.

She's really good about not pushing the insert around, but Kane's a bit wilder and needs a really solid eating base, so the bowl + slow feeder insert combination is great for him.

Nyx & Kane love the Mighty Paw Slow Feed Dog Bowl Insert

Featured above:


Mighty Paw Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Inserts


Featured Above:

Another favorite Mighty Paw product is the Tactical Dog Collar because it has a built-in handle. That's super convenient for hiking if I need to quickly grab a pup!

The Mighty Paw Tactical Collar has a built-in handle


Mighty Paw's Tactical Collars are great for off leash hiking thanks to their built-in handle


I also love the LED Dog Collars. They're the brightest collars I have found and are perfect for sunrise hikes and those short winter days!


The Mighty Paw LED Safety Collar keeps your dog visible in the dark

The Mighty Paw LED Safety Collar is bright and great for nighttime visibility



I hope you enjoyed meeting our Mighty Paw brand ambassador Joanna and her pups Nyx and Kane! You can follow us on Instagram to see more of them along with other ambassadors!

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Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder, former dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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    Love the GSP. We’re on our second one. It’s a breed that just gets you. I have most of same gear. Mighty paw has some great products.

    Love the GSP. We’re on our second one. It’s a breed that just gets you. I have most of same gear. Mighty paw has some great products.



    I enjoyed her blog. CO is one of my favorite states. Gorgeous. Loved her pic. Love your products. Thanks 💜

    I enjoyed her blog. CO is one of my favorite states. Gorgeous. Loved her pic. Love your products. Thanks 💜

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