Stop Your Dog's Barking and Jumping at the Door

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Imagine you’re a good dog. A very good dog. You're a good boy who doesn’t even bark in the house when you have to go potty! 

Instead, you silently rest your nose on your dad’s lap. Or, you just stare at him patiently. Only … your dad assumes you’re asking for attention! So he pets your head.

“Good boy, Barley,” he says. As you’re thinking, “But I have to go!!”

Or, maybe you’re the kind of dog who’s not afraid to make a point.

Boy do you bark when you need to go out!

Heck, if your dad doesn’t move fast enough you’ll add a dozen more scratches to the back door in no time!

But your scratching and barking makes your parents upset. And your mom scolds you yet again.

“No, Barley! Quiet!” she says. “No scratching! Get down, Barley! Bad dog!”

“Bad dog?? But I have to go!!”

You see how frustrating this is for the person AND the dog?

But don’t worry, there’s good news!

We have a product that helps dogs communicate when they need to go outside. 


Smart Bell 2.0

Our Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 works to stop common problems like:

  • barking at the door
  • scratching the door and 
  • jumping on the door

Most of all, it gives your dog the freedom to clearly communicate with you!

Some dogs “hold it” longer than they should because they don’t quite understand how to ask to go outside.

More often, the dogs ARE saying they need to go outside but their parents don’t pick up on the signal! How frustrating for the dog, right?! And then they get scolded for having an accident!

Our Smart Bell 2.0 is a wireless dog doorbell your dog easily learns to push with his nose or paw.

The Smart Bell requires no batteries or tools to install. In fact, you can set it up in about 1 minute.

Would your dog benefit from a Smart Bell 2.0?


We're offering $5 off and free shipping on our Smart Bells for a limited time. You choose between 1 activator button or 2 activators.

Use code: SMARTBELL5


In an upcoming article, I’ll share some details on how to train your dog to use the Smart Bell, along with a video of Barley using the bell.

Just leave a comment if you have any questions, and I'll get them answered for you. 

Feel free to share this blog post with a friend who might be interested in our Smart Bell.


-CJ & Barley

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