How to tell if your dog has a UTI – and how to promote bladder health

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Bladder Health Basics

Did you know that your dog can get a UTI, just like humans can? If your pup has ever had an accident in the house or started barking to go outside more frequently, there’s a possibility that they had a UTI. UTIs, or urinary tract infections, are relatively common in dogs, usually caused by bacteria in urine, leading to inflammation of the bladder wall.

Common symptoms to watch for include frequent need to go outside, peeing inside the house, and other discomfort. Female dogs are more likely to get a UTI than male dogs but certain species, including pugs, Yorkshire terriers, and schnauzers, may be more prone to underlying conditions that can lead to common UTIs.

But never fear, because there are ways that you can identify UTIs in your dog and help your pup heal.

Let’s talk about:

  • Signs your dog may have a UTI
  • What to do if you think your dog has a UTI
  • Supporting your dog’s bladder health

Signs your dog may have a UTI

There are a few key dog UTI symptoms. If your dog has a UTI, you might notice them barking at the door to pee more than usual. They may also be urinating inappropriately, such as in the house, whining or straining while going, or only peeing small amounts despite indicating the need to pee.

In addition, you may see blood in their urine and, in more severe cases, lethargy, lack of appetite, fever, and even vomiting.

What to do if you suspect your dog has a UTI

If you suspect your pup is suffering from a UTI, it’s important that you bring them to a veterinarian so they can be properly diagnosed, especially if they are suffering from more severe symptoms.

The dog-tor will likely test a sample of your pup’s urine using a urinalysis to confirm if it is a UTI. The vet will most likely prescribe antibiotics for your pup to take based on their specific situation. It’s also recommended to give dogs plenty of water to try to flush bacteria from the bladder. Dogs typically begin to show improvement over 48-72 hours, with the antibiotics only being prescribed for a week or two. Pain medication can also help lessen your pup’s discomfort if the vet suggests that as an option.

Supporting your dog’s bladder health

Pet parents and vets recommend various things to prevent UTIs from occurring. Many of the recommendations involve your pups pawsonal hygiene. Since your dog is sitting and peeing outside, keeping them bathed may help deter outside bacteria from infecting the bladder. It’s also important to give your furever friend lots of water, as well as frequent walks and bathroom breaks to flush out toxins and bacteria.

There’s more that you can do to protect your pup from UTIs and support their urinary and bladder health. Ingredients like cranberry and vitamin C can help manage urine pH and maintain bladder health. 

Promoting healthy bladders with Waggables

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