Dogs Love Our Travel Dog Bowls On These 10 Adventures

Hey Mighty Paw fam, Barbara here to share 10 adventures your pups will love our collapsible travel dog bowls on!

Quite frankly, they're also one of our human most-loved accessories because we're outdoors with our pups so much. That said, these travel dog bowls are perfect for on-the-go because they prevent overheating and keep our dogs hydrated and nourished.

Features & Benefits Of The Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl Set:

  • 800ml (27 oz), two pack food & water bowls
  • Collapsible & lightweight to carry anywhere
  • Premium, tear resistant silicone
  • Food safe and BPA-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
  • Three size levels in each bowl
  • Easy clip-on carabiner
  • 2 color options: green & orange

We decided to make them available in packs of two. That just makes the most sense in our opinion, especially on those longer trail days. That way, you can use one for water and one for food:

The Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl comes as a set of 2

Design-wise, they're collapsible which saves storage space in your camper or car. We also included a carabiner clip on each bowl to make it easy to transport them on the trail. You can either hook them to your backpack or belt, or let your pup carry them on their harness.

Dogs Love Our Travel Dog Bowls On These 10 Adventures

Mighty Paw - Dogs love our travel dog bowls on these 10 adventures

Now without further ado, here are 10 adventures you & your pups are going to love our collapsible travel dog bowls on:

1. Road trips

They don't take up a lot of space at all once they're in their collapsed state, and since they're made of BPA-free silicone, they're also super squeezable, so you can really fit them into the smallest spaces!

All you have to do to keep your pups happy on longer trips is to pull them out, fill them with water and/or food and offer your pup a re-energizing drink or snack on potty breaks along the road and at your final destination.

Since they're tear & temperature resistant, you can place them on all sorts of terrain, including gravel and asphalt, without having to worry about damaging them! Likewise, you can fill them with warm or cold contents.

2. Hikes

Regardless of whether you go for hikes during the warmer or colder parts of the year, your pup is always going to appreciate a little refreshment.

Easily attach the bowls to your backpack or belt, or clip them to your pup's harness, then pull them out regularly during your breaks.

Koda enjoys a water break during a hike:

Baloo takes a refreshing sip of water from the Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl:

Baloo takes a refreshing sip of water from the Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

3. Camping trips

If you're hiking up to your camp site, you definitely don't want to schlepp along bulky and heavy dog accessories, but your pup's still going to need to drink and eat, right? 

Well, our lightweight travel bowls are exactly what you need for these occasions!

Tanya carries Koda's collapsible travel dog bowl on her backpack:

Mighty Paw's Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls Easily Clips to Backpacks

4. Dog events

Hello fun times at trade shows, dog shows, agility competitions and dock diving events! 

All of these are packed with lots of mental and physical exercise, and your pup's going to expect their depleted energy and water levels to be refilled!

-> Enter our Mighty Paw collapsible travel dog bowls! Since they have 3 different levels, they work great for all size pups!

5. Doggie play dates

Regardless of whether you host your pup's playdates at your home or if you take them to their friend's place or the dog park, your pup's going to be thirsty from all that running around and playing!

Simply set the bowls up in your yard if that's where all that playtime fun is happening, and watch your pups refresh themselves.

If you're at the dog park, it's extra nice to have your pup's own bowl because let's face it, those slobbery community bowls typically hold all other sorts of contents besides water...we've seen everything under the sun from sand, gravel, mulch and pine needles to insects. 


Clean up is super easy too because our travel bowls are dishwasher-safe!

6. Long distance moves

If you're moving cross-country or internationally with your pup(s), you're going to be waiting on your furniture and belongings for a while, including your doggie paraphernalia. 

Our travel dog bowls are so convenient during times like these because they take up such little space that you won't be inconvenienced at all by taking them along.

Your pup's going to love eating and drinking out of them just as much as you love their convenience factor!

Rest assured that my pup Wally and I used the heck out of them during our own personal move overseas a few months ago. We had to wait several weeks to receive our belongings, including Wally's regular food and water dishes, so these bowls came in super handy.

Wally gets his dinner out of our travel dog bowls while we wait on our furniture:

Mighty Paw's Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls work for water and food

Wally eats and drinks from our travel dog bowls in the yard:

Food and dog food for Wally out of Mighty Paw's collapsible travel dog bowls

7. Long walks 

Regardless of whether you're exploring a new city with your pup in tow or if you're discovering suburban sidewalks, your pup's going to ask for a refreshment sooner or later, so you better be prepared!

Denver drinks out of the Mighty Paw Travel Dog Bowl:

Golden Retriever Denver drinks out of the Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

Wally carries his own travel dog bowl on his harness during an urban walk:

Exploring a big city with Mighty Paw's collapsible travel dog bowl

8. Beach trips

Oh that wonderful feeling of soft sand under our paws and toes...who doesn't love it?!

The only bummer is that your pup can't quench their thirst on saltwater, so they're going to be looking for you to help them out!

Rosie takes a refreshing sip of water out of the Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl:

Rosie takes a refreshing sip of water out of the Mighty Paw Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

9. Runs with your dog

Preparing for marathons with your high-energy pup or just jogging for the heck of it?

Either way, your pup will need a refreshing drink sooner or later, and they'll love the taste of cool water out of our travel bowls!

10. Bike rides with your dog 

The same applies to bike rides - it doesn't matter if you're biking to prepare for an iron man with your high energy dog or if you're just looking to exercise your average pup a bit more by running them - offer them water from our collapsible silicone bowl and they'll be ever so thankful!

Is your pup ready to pick up our collapsible travel dog bowls? Mind giving them a hand because know...lack of opposable thumbs and all...then click below:

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for Mighty Paw. She is a blogger, raw feeder, former dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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