10 Life Hacks That Will Make You an Amazing Dog-Parent

Being a pet-parent is a great responsibility, you have to be careful about lots of things. From getting the most nutritious brands of food to ensuring your pup’s health and safety, it can get quite stressful at times. But we don’t feel the pressure because all we care about are our furry friends.

What if I tell you that there are simpler ways to be the perfect parent? Yes, you read it right! Since you already have so much on your plate, here I bring you ten easy hacks to be a fantastic dog-parent:

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Our dogs love our company and can’t stand to stay away from us. Some dogs even suffer from separation anxiety when left alone at home for longer times. I understand that you wouldn’t like being away from home, but there is work, daily errands, and our social lives to manage. The good news is you can make it better for your pooch. Just take an old piece of clothing, such as jeans and stuff it with cotton or foam. It will have your scent, and your dog would feel the comfort of sitting in your lap. Now you can stay outside without always worrying about your pooch’s loneliness.


Upset Stomach

Your dog may suffer from diarrhea due to a variety of reasons. The best way to care for your dog is to provide him lots of water and cook a meal of chicken and rice. Pumpkin may also help soothe his stomach.

Dog Jumpsuits for Shedding

For dog-parents, one of the biggest horrors of life is finding hair everywhere- from your clothes to your guest’s plate of food. You may have tried lots of remedies and medications that haven’t worked but don’t worry there is a hack. You can get your dog a jumpsuit; it will cover his entire body and reduce the shedding. These suits are comfortable and don’t hinder the pup’s movement.

How to Stop Him from Chewing Wires

Inappropriate chewing can be a significant issue, especially when your dog begins to chew up valuable stuff. Electric cords and cables are particularly dangerous and chewing upon them may cause your dog to burn his mouth. An easy method of protecting your pup is to cover the cords with bitter vinegar. Your dog will hate the taste. 

Chew On Carrots to Remove Plaque

If your dog has trouble with oral care, get him to chew on carrots. The vegetable is crunchy and helps remove tartar from the teeth. But remember to cut it to a size that wouldn’t cause choking.

Protect the Paws

Walking on the salty ice in winters can damage your dog’s pads. It may cause redness, swelling or minor cuts. The best way to protect the pads is getting your dog booties. Make sure he wears it before going out for walks. You can also apply Vaseline to prevent the paws from cracking.

Let your Dog Do The Cleaning

Maintaining dental hygiene is essential, but the daily brushing can be an ordeal. Although I would recommend to not give up on the brushing, there is a handy hack for days when you just don’t have the strength. You can get your dog to brush his teeth himself! You must be wondering that is it even possible! Well yes, just apply your pup’s toothpaste on his favorite rope toy and let him play with it. It will automatically do the cleaning.

Get Him the Slow Feed Bowl

Dogs have the habit of gulping down food instantly. Get your pup the slow feed bowl or put a ball in his food dish. It will slow down his pace by forcing him to work around the ball.

When You Lose Your Dog

If you are walking your dog outside, and he manages to run away don’t panic. Instead of running after him, lie down as if you are hurt. Your pooch will come back to see if you are okay.


About the author…

Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.

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