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Your dog is not the worst, trust me!

Your dog is not the worst, trust me!

  • 29 Oct 2018
  • Corey Smith

You’re out for a walk with Darby on one of those beautiful Friday afternoons. It’s still light and warm but the sun glows low. Darby’s nose is in the red leaves as she crunches along.

You don't mind her pulling too much and forgive her for all her “quirks.” The training collar you bought is helping, at least when there aren’t many distractions…

… until she spots a squirrel!!

And just like that Darby’s huffing, puffing and JUMPING on her hind legs! How on earth a 50-pound Lab is this strong, you’re not sure, but it takes your full weight to hold her back.

“Come on, Darby, let’s go,” you say.

You place yourself between her and the squirrel, trying to turn her around.

She’s making those “squealing” sounds now and  - oh great – just as you turn, there’s that Jack Russell on a retractable leash.

He’s charging and snarling and it takes everything to hold Darby back.

You know Darby is friendly but her excitement is off the rails as she makes those high pitched yipping sounds, the ones that make it sound like she’s in pain but really it’s just her own lack of self control.

Out of breath and frustrated, you end up stepping to the side, off the sidewalk, so the terrier and his handler can pass.

Darby makes one last chase attempt as you struggle to get her to “SIT!”

You see …

What should be a nice, relaxing walk so quickly turns into frustration!

We all love our dogs, and we all have some concept of how to train them … but sometimes you feel like you’re not making progress.

Your friend tells you, “Oh, just use such and such collar. That worked for Buddy.” Or, “Just use a clicker! It’s all about being positive!”

And you get what they’re saying … but … some dogs are just much more challenging than others. What’s truly simple for one dog can be a real struggle for another and it’s easy to forget that.

Recently, we had one of our customers, Susan, emailed us because she was feeling frustrated and hopeless over her Yorkie’s aggression. Cookie is just a 5-pound dog, but she goes ballistic if anyone visits Susan, already biting several people.

Susan and Cookie had met with a local trainer and received some simple suggestions based around providing Cookie with her own area where she could feel safe plus using high-valued treats to change her response to the “intruders.” 

We thought the suggestions made a lot of sense, but we soon figured out what Susan really needed most was support.

She thought her tiny little dog’s issues were unique and unacceptable. She felt embarrassed when people came over and she had had to restrain her little dog. Susan thought something must be wrong with Cookie, or worse, that something was wrong with herself!

You see, when your dog is “acting up,” sometimes it can feel like you’re alone in the problem, that no one else in the world is dealing with the same issue.

What we want to remind you is that, for better or worse, almost everyone has some sort of problem with their dog!

If you’re dealing with a dog training issue, someone else is probably also dealing with it. You’re really not alone!

That’s why we wanted to create an ebook that covers 50 of the most common dog training problems.

Because that’s just it, these problems are not unique! Many, many other dog owners are struggling too!

With our brand new ebook, “50 Dog Training Tips: Your Training Problems Solved Now,” we want to offer you the support and ideas you need so you can brainstorm solutions for your specific situation. 

Because yes, your dog is unique, but you’re not alone in facing these problems

We want you to use our guide to:

  • Brainstorm solutions (we offer step by step plans)
  • Get support from us and the rest of the Mighty Paw community (join our private FB group)
  • Take a step back and see the problem from a new angle


Through our ebook, we will help you:

  • Stop feeling embarrassed by your dog’s behavior!
  • Have the confidence to take your dog out in public
  • Train your dog to be polite around visitors
  • Fix common potty training issues
  • Stop your dog from jumping up on people
  • Stop your dog from guarding food, toys or family members
  • Help your dog work through separation anxiety
  • Strategies to deal with hyperactive dogs!
  • Help your dog stay focused on you around distractions
  • Prevent fights when introducing your dog to new dogs
  • Train multiple dogs in the same family
  • Raise a well-behaved puppy
  • Train your dog not to pull on the leash
  • Kennel train your dog
  • Get your dog use to being home alone
  • How to socialize your dog or puppy
  • Prevent unwanted behaviors like barking
  • Teach your dog basic and advanced commands
  • Choose the right training products for your unique dog
  • Come up with a smart training plan even if you don’t have access to a one-on-one trainer


We tell you step-by-step exactly how to work through each problem and help you brainstorm the right solutions for your unique dog.

We want to give you a smart training plan to work with, so you’ll have an (almost) perfectly behaved dog this fall!

There’s no “magic” solution for training a dog. Instead, we’re here to help you work through your dog’s problems in a realistic and manageable way.

Get our Ultimate Dog Training Guide HERE for just $17 (normally $47).



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