5 Uses for a Short Dog Leash or Leash Tab

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What is a leash tab? Reasons to use a short leash

A leash tab is an extra short dog leash designed to help manage a dog in tight spaces like the vet or to keep your dog close in busy areas.

Typically, a leash tab is used for medium and large dogs. Since they’re taller, it’s easier to reach the tab. However, we also designed our leash to be very lightweight so you can use it for a small dog if you choose. It is 10” in length.

You might be wondering why in the world you would want such a short leash, so we’ll tell you a bit more below. Think of it as a training tool, not necessarily your everyday leash for walks.

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Uses for a leash tab or short leash

1. Keeps your dog close in busy areas.

There are certain situations where you need to keep your dog really close. Maybe it’s walks through busy, urban areas or when you’re at a public dog friendly event like a street fair.

Barley wearing the Mighty Paw leash tab

One of our customers said she uses our short leash at her dog’s dock diving competitions. Since there are so many people and dogs around, a shorter leash keeps her dog close while they’re waiting to compete.

2. Control at the vet.

Visiting the vet is obviously a stressful time for a lot of dogs. A short leash keeps your dog close and safe both in the waiting room/lobby area and while in the exam area.

If you take your dog to a groomer or if you bathe your dog yourself, a shorter leash can also be helpful for managing your dog. One of our customers said she uses a leash tab when she bathes her dog at home in the tub! What a great idea.

3. Transition your dog to off-leash training.

As you work up to more advanced training with your dog, a leash tab is helpful while you’re transitioning to off-leash work.

Remy with the Mighty Paw leash tab

Rather than completely unclipping your dog’s 6-foot leash, you can switch to a leash tab so he still feels the “weight” of a leash on his collar. As you work on heel or other obedience, the tab is there for you to grab as needed to guide your dog or switch back to your longer leash.

4. Agility training

A leash tab is great for agility training because it won’t catch on the obstacles. Of course, agility is done off leash eventually but it takes a lot of training to reach that point. The leash tab is helpful for guiding your dog through the obstacles and for re-gaining control as needed.


5. Perfect length for service dog handlers.

We’ve had a couple of guide dog trainers reach out to us about our leash tabs. This is because the length is perfect for certain training exercises. It’s used for guide dog puppies in training as well working guide dogs.

Mighty Paw’s leash tab - more info

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Mighty Paw's leash tab is made for durability and comfort with a soft neoprene-lined handle and an aviation aluminum carabiner clip. This is the same kind of clip rock climbers trust with their life.

The leash is made from premium nylon webbing to hold up against large dogs and STRONG pullers!

Other features:

  • Carabiner holds 400kgs of tension and allows for quick spring release
  • Reflective thread along the entire length of the leash provides added safety at night
  • Weather resistant material

We think you’ll love our leash tab, and make sure to let us know if you have any questions about this leash or any of our products. We love hearing from you!

-CJ, Barley & Mighty Paw team


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