Meet Barley!

Hi, friends!

Barley here. I am the reason Mighty Paw exists. My parents love to exercise and I have always been a GREAT athlete. When I was little we used to have a hard time finding ways to exercise together. This is when I told my parents my ideas for Mighty Paw…. and the rest is history!

Furry Facts…15

Birthday – September 30, 2011
Place of Birth – Raeford, North Carolina
Adoption Day – January 10, 2012
Current Residence – Rochester, New York
  • Barking at deer
  • Digging in the sand
  • Cuddling on my mom
  • Hiding at bath time
  • Running
  • De-sqeeking squeek toys
  • Licking peanut butter from a spoon
  • Designing dog products with my dad