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[Ebook] Ultimate Guide: How to Stop My Dog From Pulling

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Mighty Paw


We created a 40-page downloadable guide to help you stop your dog's pulling! We get a ton of questions from you about the best way to stop a dog's pulling so we decided to create a guide that answers all your questions all in one place!

This guide will help you:

  • Enjoy peaceful walks and hikes where your dog is not pulling!
  • Stop your dog's barking or lunging at other dogs, runners, bikes, cars, etc.
  • Confidently walk your dog anywhere (the city, the park, the beach, take your dog in public)
  • Have the well-mannered dog your friends admire
  • Get support and feedback from us and the other dog lovers in the Mighty Paw family
  • Learn what dog training gear to use
  • Stop feeling embarrassed by your dog! (We've all been there)
  • Safely and confidently manage your dog in public
  • Help your dog stay focused on you even around distractions like other dogs
  • Come up with a smart training plan even if you don't have one-on-one access to a dog trainer
We want you to feel confident walking your dog anywhere - the city, the beach, the park - wherever! Enjoy peaceful walks and hikes with your best buddy where you're not getting an upper body workout! Instead, you'll have the well-mannered dog your friends and neighbors admire (make them jealous).

This handbook covers step by step exactly what you need to do to teach your dog the "trick" of walking nicely on a leash. Because, remember, this is not natural for them. Dogs are much faster than us! We want to help you have a (close to) perfectly behaved dog this summer!

We also cover the best dog training gear you should use and what to do if your dog tends to bark and lunge at other dogs, runners, bikes, cars or whatever it might be.

This is a digital download, which means you can get started with your training instantly! Today!

All materials are digital in a PDF format. You will not receive a physical book. Download the PDF to any computer, tablet or phone and start training your dog NOW!

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