Mighty Paw Introduces “Tinkle Bells”

Mighty Paw is proud to announce the launch of “Tinkle Bells”. This premium quality house training dog door bell has been getting rave reviews from our Beta-testing group. They are available at the introductory price of $11.99 on Amazon.com

Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells

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Mighty Paw Bungee-Long extra 12 inches

EXTRA LENGTH: Why “Bungee-Long”? Are you over 6 feet tall? Does your dog always lead the way when walking or running? “Bungee-Long” was created specifically for these two reasons. If you prefer your dog (or want to train your dog) to run or walk by your side, we recommend the standard “Bungee”. The length difference between the standard and the long is 12 inches (36 inches versus 48 inches).

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Lazy Day

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Doggy social media


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NFL Bound

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38 Benefits of Owning a Dog


This is not a game

Man’s Best Friend

#1 Running dog leash

Mighty Paw Bungee’s hands-free running dog leash is quickly becoming a hot topic at the local trails. People will be sure to inquire