Top 6 Holiday Gifts for Every Dog Lover

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You’ve checked off every name on your holiday list — except one. What will you get for that friend or family member who has everything? You start by looking at what they love — not what they have. If you have one, or several, dog-lovers on your nice list, you can get pretty creative with unique gifts for humans and pets. Dog lovers take a great deal of pride in showing off their breeds, including their dogs in everyday activities and making sure Fido feels like part of the family. Here are a few tips to help you shop for the ultimate dog lover in your life.\

  • Culinary Canine: Do you know a dog lover who also loves playing in the kitchen? A gourmet dog food cookbook paired with a basket of ingredients is a great way to combine their two loves. With all the recipes available online, you can even DIY your own cookbook that gives your gift a special touch. Using design elements that appeal specifically to your friend and their pup, this one-of-a-kind gift celebrates holidays by promoting happy, healthy lifestyles for the whole family.
  • In Your Honor: When natural disaster strikes, like a hurricane, flood or earthquake, humans aren’t the only victims — dogs and cats suffer, too. Many local and national humane societies and animal rescues become the frontline rescuers for pets displaced by disaster, which is why many increase their donation asks during these distressing times. If there is a cause or a breed close to your dog lover’s heart, consider donating to one of those organizations in honor of their pooch.
  • Canine Couture: While clothing gifts can sometimes be hit or miss — decking your dog lover out in canine-themed clothes can be a fun, humorous way to celebrate their love for animals this holiday season. Whether it’s a hoodie with a corgi, pajamas with Frenchies or a T-shirt with a pug face, your dog owner will wear this gift with a smile.
  • GPS Tracker: A true dog lover puts their pup’s well-being first; showing you do, too, can be a really distinguished holiday gift. A dog GPS tracker can put your loved one’s mind at ease if they have a pooch that has a tendency to hop the backyard fence or bolt through the front door. By being able to pinpoint their dog’s location in real time, this is a gift that is on the cutting-edge of new pet tech.
  • Pet Home Remodeling: Does your dog lover have a curious pet? Installing a pet peek window in their backyard fence is a great way to let Fido get a glimpse of the world around him. For the more active animals, a doggie door is an outstanding gift to consider. This will not only help your friend’s dog get more exercise, but can also help them manage bad pet behaviors, like excessive chewing or indoor bathroom accidents.
  • Unique Doggie Decor: From mugs to picture frames to doormats, websites like com have endless types of handmade specialty pet-themed decor. You can choose a gift that’s holiday-specific, like a stocking shaped like a bone, or a timeless piece of art, like a custom painted portrait of your loved one’s pet.

When you recognize the importance of a friend’s furry family member, you’re giving a gift that says a lot more than happy holidays. True dog lovers enjoy including their pups in all kinds of activities, so giving them a way to include Fido in their holiday gift giving provides a deeper, more meaningful sense of joy. With so many options available online and in specialty stores, tapping into your friend or family member’s special relationship with their pet deepens their special relationship with you.

New House? How to Prepare Your Dog for Moving Day.

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While house hunting can be stressful, finding the perfect home for your family is a reason to celebrate. If you have a dog, though, this is just the beginning of the stress for him. To make sure that a transition is as easy as possible for the entire family, here are a few things you can do to help lessen your dog’s anxiety when it’s time for a big move.

Packing Up Your Current Home

Packing up your current home is one of the most hectic phases of the moving process. In the flurry of activity, make sure you pack up your dog’s things last. You don’t want your dog to start feeling insecure when his feeding dish and bed are not kept in the same place. You want him to feel safe among all of the chaos around the home. Leave all of his items in familiar places until the last minute. Keep in mind that moving can be especially hard if you have a rescue dog. Remember, he may have lost his last owner after seeing his things packed so offer him a little extra attention so he knows there’s nothing to worry about.

Consider Boarding on Moving Day

While it may not seem ideal, one of the best things you can do is board your dog on moving day. With movers, there will be unfamiliar people in the home most of the day and doors are almost always left open while trucks are being loaded and unloaded. Your dog doesn’t know who these people are and he could become excited or unsettled with all of this activity. Keeping him in a kennel ensures his safety and helps your move go faster.

Acclimating Your Dog to the New Home

Once you’re all moved into your new home, take the time to walk through the house with your dog. Put his favorite items in the area designated as his, make sure he knows where his food bowl is, and stick to the regular routine. Also, be sure to take him out for his walks at the same time and keep the scheduled feeding times the same. By sticking with routine and offering familiarity, you can help your dog feel more at ease.

If you can, take a couple of days off to ensure that your dog is properly acclimated to his new surroundings before you leave him home alone for an extended period. You want to make sure he feels safe and secure in his new home. He may need more attention for a few days to help him get rid of any anxiety; remember this is just as stressful for him as it is for you. You also want to be patient with him, especially if there are areas of the house you want him to avoid. Taking the extra time can make for a much smoother move for the furry love of your life.

11 Coolest Tech Gadgets for Loving Pet Owners + Surprise Bonus

Being a pet owner is not easy. You have to attend to all of your pets’ needs. The worst part is leaving home. Even if you are at work or while traveling, you can’t help it but to always think at the pets you have left behind.

If you love your pets so much, you might want to consider getting these coolest tech gadgets for your pets. They help make it easier for you to take care of your pets. With these gadgets, you can now see what is going on around your house. Even if you are afar, you just have to look at the device and you will feel complacent.

There are other devices that allow you to control everything in your house. It means that if it is time for your pet to eat, you can just control the feeding equipment so that it pours food on your pets’ plates. You may even speak with your pets in some instances as if you are there.

This means that if you think your pets are messing things around, you can easily reprimand them. The best part about some of these devices is that they allow you to track the health of your pets. There is a device that is the equivalent of Fitbit for humans.

You will know if the pet dog has enough physical activity for the day. It can also automatically be transferred to your phone. With this update, you can decide if it still has to do some more walking with you.

In short, these gadgets are worth investing. If you really love your pets, taking care of them would be a lot easier when you have these devices with you. Check out the complete list below as shown in the infographic. You can decide which of them you need to buy now.

11 Coolest Tech Gadgets For Loving Pet Owners

Now you can’t have a decent pet gadget list without the Smart Bell by Mighty Paw, right?

Forget the scratching, barking, and whining! Easily teach your dog to ring the Mighty Paw Smart Bell to communicate potty time. It’s the premier solution to all of your dog potty training problems. As a bonus all of your friends and family will be AMAZED at your dog!

  • CHOOSE 1 OR 2 ACTIVATOR TOUCH PADS: The innovative Mighty Paw Smart Bell uses a sleek (3.7 inch) touch pad button. The touch pad sensor technology allows for your dog to easily activate the doorbell with a simple touch of a nose or paw. Don’t settle for an over-sized heavy button that looks tacky and is hard for dogs to activate. The Smart Bell looks great and is simple for dogs (large or small) to activate.
  • PLUG AND PLACE: Wireless technology makes installation a breeze. No wires, tools, or screws required. Installation takes only a minute using the included 3M self-adhesive tape. It’s ready to go right out of the box. 36 selectable tunes, wireless range up to 1000 feet, and 3 level volume adjustment.
  • WATER-PROOF: To protect against wet noses and dirty paws the Mighty Paw Smart Bell is water-proof (IP44), dust-proof, and shock-proof.



Top 3 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas is here and it’s time to find the best gifts for our dog loving friends and family.

1. Hands-Free Bungee Dog Leash

This belt and bungee dog leash kit allows for hands-free dog walking/running! It’s the perfect gift for any dog parent as it allows for phone use, coffee drinking, or even running all while NOT hanging on to a leash.

Starts at $19.99


2. Hands-Free Treat Pouch

This drawstring hands-free treat pouch holds up to 2 cups of dog treats, has 2 storage pouches (for phones and other belongings), has a carabiner clip for keys or training clicker, and also a poop bag dispenser.  It’s a great all-in-one product for all dog lovers.

Starts at $17.95


3. Dual Handle Padded Dog Leash


This 6 ft long dual-handled dog leash provides the perfect balance of adventure and control that every dog enthusiast will enjoy. Use the traffic handle when in crowded places or when you meet another dog on the street. Use the standard handle for every day walking and hiking. Pet owners will enjoy the extra comfort provided by the super soft neoprene padded handles.

Starts at $15.99

Reiki Healing For Dogs?

reiki for dogs



We all need a bit of TLC from time to time, whether it’s a spa break or a holiday. Everyone has their own way of de-stressing and unwinding and more and more people are turning to meditation these days. But what about our animal friends? Remember they are very closely related to us humans, in mind, body and genetic makeup, so it makes sense that from time to time they will need rebalancing too. And that is where reiki healing for animals comes in.

What is Reiki Healing?

If you haven’t heard of Reiki before, it’s a Japanese healing therapy system that was brought to the masses by an enlightened man by the name of Mikao Usui. He was a Buddhist monk who had an enlightenment moment whilst meditating on the top of a mountain around 1922. He realised that universal energy can be directed to those who need it most to help rebalance their energy fields. As you may recall from school, everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are essentially energy. So with reiki we can interact with other beings’ energy fields to help restore them when they get blocked or unbalanced.

Reiki for dogs and other animals

Reiki has been practiced on humans since Mikao Usui began offering it, but now there are many animal therapists that offer it to people’s pets, whether they are dogs, cats, horses or mice. The interesting thing is, it seems that animals are more in tune with their energy fields and the energy that is around them in nature, so often they are very open to a reiki healing session. Depending on the character of the animal and the issue they have, a pet may completely fall into a deep restful sleep, absorbing the reiki energy flow, or they may move their bodies into a particular area so the reiki practitioner can work on a part of the animal that it knows needs rebalancing the most.

How can it help heal animals?

There are many ways in which an animal can be helped with reiki healing. It could be a physical issue that needs working on, where a relaxing healing session will help the animal heal itself. Perhaps a dog has had to have surgery at the vets and needs to recover. We all know dogs don’t like to keep still for too long, but sometimes too much movement will hinder the healing, so by using a reiki animal practitioner we can help the wound to heal quicker so the animal can get back to normal life sooner.

Animals also suffer emotional problems, just like us. Reiki can help an animal let go of emotions that are making it unhappy or maybe are holding it back. Often times healers can tune into an animal when healing to pick up what is going on with the pet. This can be an excellent way to help your dog or cat and it is called animal communication. Many animal reiki practitioners offer this service so do ask when booking a pet reiki session if you feel this would help you and your dog.

We are now seeing how animals are not just dumb creatures that cannot talk, but they are in fact sentient beings that have feelings such as joy, love and even pain and sadness. Pets are part of our families are we are devastated when they die. We spend a lot of money on them with vets bills and food etc so why not make them even healthier and happier by booking a reiki session for your best friend. The great thing is, reiki can be offered as a hands on healing or through distant healing, meaning a reiki practitioner can tune into your animal from the other side of the world and direct the healing to your pet. So wherever you are, you can improve the quality of your dogs life by booking a reiki session. And don’t forget they are really nice to have yourself, so why not book a session for yourself to see what it’s like!


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7 Things about owning a dog…

7 things about owning a dog

Seven things about owning a dog that sound a lot worse than they actually are; and what every Dog owner will understand!

  1. Sharing your bed.

Even the smallest of dogs seem to take up a large portion of your bed. Their warm little bodies always seem to sleep peacefully right in the center, leaving no room for your legs to stretch comfortably. You can shove them out of the way but they always nuzzle back into their spot. WARNING! You may be awoken by their cute little snores or the adorable way they move their legs when they’re chasing rabbits in their dreams.

  1. They eat ridiculous things.

Your shoes, cat poop, garbage, and your homework. Whatever they eat, it doesn’t stop you from letting them lick your entire face. Gross.

  1. Cleaning up poop.

It’s one of those weird things you just get used to. If you got used to cleaning up after your baby, a dog is no different. Oddly enough, seeing your dog take a nice big poop is weirdly reassuring to pet owners – it means your dog is healthy…and it means you won’t need to take them outside again for a couple more hours. A dog squatting on a lawn is usually followed by a sigh of relief.

  1. You can’t leave them alone for long periods of time.
Having a dog is a big time commitment and a major responsibility. You had to skip out on drinks with your coworkers to go home to let the dog out; but, when you walk in the door you’re greeted with all sorts of noises of hugs, kisses, and tail wagging. Do your coworkers greet you like that every time you re-enter a room?


5. You become utterly obsessed with your dog and people notice it.

Your friends get annoyed because your Pup is in every single one of your Snap Chats, has her own Instagram account, and is brought up in every conversation you have.


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6. You can’t bring them everywhere you go.

Uh oh, the dreaded “no dogs allowed” sign that you see on certain establishments. Some people would ditch the dog, dog lovers ditch the establishment. Peace out, let’s get outta here Peanut!


  1. You’re never alone.

Whether you’re changing, showering, or on the toilet – you always have an audience. The only difference between your dog and your friends is that you can be completely and utterly yourself around your dog. Sing as loud as you want in the car, dance as crazy as you want in your bedroom, your dog will always be there. Having someone who loves you unconditionally and always has your back doesn’t sound so awful, now does it?

Doesn’t it all sound Wonderful?  Ready for a Dog?

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9 Items On Your New Puppy Checklist

9 items on new puppy checklist

The 9 Items On Your New Puppy Checklist


While your tiny new friend might not seem like he or she will be a bother you in your big comfy bed, allowing your puppy to sleep with you is just asking for trouble.

It’s essential that you establish a place for your dog to sleep immediately. It’s important they have a space they feel is their own.


We highly recommend using a crate to give them that space.

When done properly, crate training has many advantages. Everyone’s favorite is crate training helps with potty training as most dogs won’t “go” in their own crate.


One of the first things you’ll probably want to do with your dog when you bring it home is to feed them. Well, don’t start by using your own dishes. Get dog bowls ahead of time.

You want to establish consistency in feeding the same as with sleeping.


Puppies have special dietary needs.

Up to 8 weeks, they should be able to nurse from their mother whenever they want. Weaning should take place over the course of several weeks.

From there, talk to your vet. But you’ll likely be advised to choose foods made specifically for puppies. They will be higher in fat and contain many supplements.


It’s important you keep mealtime and treats separate.

Treats are one of the most effective training tools there is if you know how to use them properly. Many dog trainers recommend that you use specific treats for training—generally, small and especially tasty.


There are all types of dog toys.

You should probably get some for mutual play and others your pup can occupy itself with. It’s likely you’ll need to try out different kinds of toys overtime to see what your dog is into.

If you don’t provide them with something to exercise those jaws on, they will likely end up chewing your shoes or a power cable.


You can’t forget this.

At first, it won’t seem like a big deal. But it’s best to get them acclimated to it early, especially if you want them to be very obedient on the leash.

Collar & Tag

Not the most exciting, but don’t leave these off your list!

Grooming Stuff

The most important grooming equipment for your new puppy is probably nail clippers. Puppy nails are super sharp and can become painful when left unattended.

Aside from that, go crazy with all the brushes, shears, and all-natural shampoos you want!


In this case, the last is most definitely not the least.

Patience is probably the #1 thing you need when you bring home a new puppy. You’ll probably need lots of it.

However, as long as you make sure to check off the first 8 from this list, you’ll set yourself up to need at least a little bit less.

Bringing home a puppy is a big decision. Make sure you are prepared in every way possible.

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I love Dogs

Dogs are so sweet!



Wise Words… Stand up!

Dog’s… They Bring out the Best in Us